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  1. Maj.Nick Danger

    Fiebing's Mink Oil Paste on jacekts?

    By all means avoid mink oil. It's really awful stuff. I just scored an old leather valise that I will use as a camera case. The leather is in good shape but somewhat dry, so Pecard's is what I will use on it.
  2. Maj.Nick Danger

    What Does The FL Think of So-called Black Friday?

    Well, I survived the day, in spite of my dread. :D Even though I work in a retail establishment, we thankfully don't have any of those bogus "Doorbuster" gimmicks that other places use to fuel the insanity. I drove by several places though that I'm sure were suffering from the onslaught of greed...
  3. Maj.Nick Danger

    Forbidden items in my home...

    Leads me to believe he faked his "death",...in order to make more cash.
  4. Maj.Nick Danger

    Show us your Guns!

    Nice Henry. Was thinking of getting the octagon barreled model myself, but with the recent scarcity of .22 ammo, I'm holding off....:(
  5. Maj.Nick Danger

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    "The Civil War", the series by Ken Burns. Quite a bit more interesting than the glossing over of the war received in 8th grade history class. I never knew just how close the north came to losing that war on a number of occasions despite their overwhelming manufacturing capacity.
  6. Maj.Nick Danger

    What's the meaning behind your Avatar ?

    Mine reflects my bad boy image. :p
  7. Maj.Nick Danger

    Of Sheep-Dip, Rot-Gut, and Furniture Polish. The worst of the worst.

    Brought to you by the same folks that make Janitor in a Drum. :) And did you actually try Cynar James?? I've seen it in Italian delis, but could never muster the courage to plunk down 20 bucks for a bottle of something so suspicious. And who in their right mind would think to make alcohol from...
  8. Maj.Nick Danger

    The Great War

    Here's an interesting news story about a recent discovery in France. http://www.capitalbay.com/uk/346255-archaeologists-unearth-the-bones-of-at-least-20-french-first-world-war-dead-after-chance-discovery-by-hikers-in-the-forest-of-verdun.html
  9. Maj.Nick Danger

    Guessing a hat size if someone only knows the inside diameter?

    Here is one of many size charts that will give you a general idea. http://villagehatshop.com/content/38/how-to-determine-your-hat-size.html To be more accurate, measure your own head with a tape measure just above your ears where your hat should rest, and compare to the given measurements for a...
  10. Maj.Nick Danger

    my new jacket reeks of linseed oil.

    Linseed oil is used in painting because it is a "drying" oil. The "drying" though is actually oxidation. They found out early on that canvas especially, as well as other natural materials would first have to be sized with a protective layer to isolate the support material from the effects of the...
  11. Maj.Nick Danger

    Brad Pitt's WWII Tank movie, "FURY"

    Sounds like a must see movie. Our tanks were woefully inadequate at the beginning of the European campaign though compared to German armor. http://wn.com/sherman_tank
  12. Maj.Nick Danger

    Gable in a Leather Jacket I Think May Be The Perfect Thing.

    Our own Fishmeok could make one for you I bet,...or something mighty danged close.
  13. Maj.Nick Danger

    Your favorite toys as a kid?

    Mattel Creepy Crawlers. Was such an awesome system.
  14. Maj.Nick Danger

    What's something modern you won't miss when it becomes obsolete?

    Yeah, won't go away soon enough,...along with the rest of popular "culture". All those ridiculous fashions and trends that assail my eyes every day. Sadly, original thoughts, ideas, and styles seem to be obsolete. Hopefully real style will someday be revived.
  15. Maj.Nick Danger

    Adult Boys

    This calls to mind the old axiom, "History always repeats itself." Sadly enough, it's true because so many people simply ignore history and the utter failures which certain courses of action have resulted in,..time and time again. One need only look at the history of The Roman Empire for...
  16. Maj.Nick Danger

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    I'd like one of these for Christmas,...if it actually works...
  17. Maj.Nick Danger

    What was the last TV show you watched?

    Some Alfred Hitchcock 1/2 hour shows from 1959 on Netflix. Very interesting.
  18. Maj.Nick Danger

    When wearing shorts become acceptable for grown men?

    I'm with you on that. Shorts are for kids, or frat boys, along with the backwards baseball cap. The tragically eternally young crowd also,...older men in the shorts and tee shirt uniform just look rather silly. My dad was from the era of shorts for kids, and it came down to me too I think. My...

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