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  1. TomS

    My hat cleaning and shaping station

    Just curious, but what do you use the tape for?
  2. TomS

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    Hi folks, I wanted to introduce myself, again. I used to post regularly on the forum about 5 years ago, but got busy with life. Things have slowed down and I'm back looking at all the great hats! A lot has changed in five years! Art's gone, Blacksheep is gone, who do you guys look to for a...
  3. TomS

    WTB: Clean Vintage Straw in 7 1/2...

    I've just found something, but thanks!
  4. TomS

    WTB: Clean Vintage Straw in 7 1/2...

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a clean vintage straw in 7 1/2. Not looking for a stingy brim or a boater. Something by a domestic maker is preferred, but a Panama is ok too. Thanks for looking! Tom
  5. TomS

    Alley Kat Hat Co

    Good luck, Tim! I've always respected your work!
  6. TomS

    what do you do ...?

    Yes, the campaign hat is issued. I wear a fedora when Im not working! Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk
  7. TomS

    what do you do ...?

    I'm a cop, been one almost 30 years. I wear a Stetson campaign hat when I'm in the public eye. Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk
  8. TomS

    Hi Scott! Are you getting out of hats, man?

    Hi Scott! Are you getting out of hats, man?
  9. TomS

    Pilgrimage to Delmonico's

    Let me know when you visit family here again. I live just a few minutes from Dels, and I'd like to buy you lunch, or whatever!
  10. TomS

    Vintage Knox Fedora 7 3/8

    What a great hat!
  11. TomS

    WTB Stetson Stratoliner 7 1/2

    I'm going to suggest Art at VS, as another poster mentioned....You will get a perfectly sized hat. Bob at Black Sheep is good, but you could easily wait a year.
  12. TomS

    Stetson Stratoline for sale, Brown, 7 1/2 Long Oval

    Wasn't someone looking for one of these a few days back?
  13. TomS

    WTB Stetson Stratoliner 7 1/2

    I don't know if this helps, but Art Fawcett can do a perfect clone for about 275.00. It wont be beaver felt, but that's ok :)
  14. TomS

    FSOT: VS in Grey 7 1/2

  15. TomS

    FSOT: VS in Grey 7 1/2

    The crown is approx. 4", and the brim is 2 1/4". The color has photographed accurately.
  16. TomS

    FSOT: VS in Grey 7 1/2

    Hi folks, I have for sale or trade a nice VS in grey, with a navy ribbon. The hate was in my rotation for a year, and has a small smudge on the left side that does not detract from the hat, I mention it only for the sake of honesty. I measure at 23 1/4", and it fits me very well. Asking 150.00...
  17. TomS

    FS: Optimo Melusine (Long Hair Beaver) in "Raven"

    Hi Folks: I have for sale an as-new Optimo fedora in the melusine finish. The color looks black to me, but I've been told by Optimo it's "Raven". In any event, the hat is flawless and the finish shines like glass. It is a 59 cm, and it fits my 23 1/4" head perfectly. These retail north of...
  18. TomS

    Mint 1940s (?) Vintage Knox Fedora 7 3/8+

    Absolutely Gorgeous... wow!

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