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    Bush Jackets

    I have one of the WPG ones in Khaki and love it, but I changed out the buttons for my old light infantry buttons, and sometimes use a leather Oliver pattern snake-clasp belt instead of the cloth one. It gives it a different look, and I can always swap in the cloth belt with aftermarket buckle...
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    Tilley Hat - Cancer Warning

    i have had the canvas model Tilley before, but they were quite hot. I eventually replaced it with one of their hemp models and I really like it - cool and breathable but great sun protection. I believe that Alex Tilley retired and sold his company a couple of years ago, and unfortunately it...
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    Who likes vintage tools?

    I'd love to see a picture of this bench.
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    Anyone into tent camping?

    I'm hoping to get between 30-40 days under canvas this summer. We'll see how it works out!
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    What's your Vintage or current Motorcycle?

    Thanks for your kind words Edward. The Matchless is an ongoing project (for 20 years now), but I have almost all the bits to finish it now. The delay right now is trying to find something the right colour of WWII Canadian army green. It was a much darker green than the rather brownish US army...
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    Show us your vehicles

    That's awesome Vitanola! I am green with envy. I bet you can't wait for the snow to go so you can drive her! Enjoy.
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    Classic Safari vehicles!

    Ask and ye shall receive. Not my best pics, but I was taking them on the fly with no warning. Part of the route. Cheers.
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    Classic Safari vehicles!

    Good luck Fireman. I’m pretty new to reloading myself, but once you get the equipment and supplies, it’s really only experimentation!
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    Classic Safari vehicles!

    Good luck with this Fireman. A Lee Speed is a great idea. I might have to have a look and see if I could do that with one of mine...
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    Classic Safari vehicles!

    When I was in Morocco a few years ago, we saw part of an annual rally that was for old Renaults. It was a charity thing to raise money for school supplies for Moroccan kids. It was pretty cool to see these people old French cars, all rallied up, in the Atlas mountains and the desert. There...
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    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    Very nice Turnip!
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    Do you own a Tux?

    I inherited one from grandfather that he had made in 1949. I wore out the trousers, but still have both them and the jacket in my basement in case I ever want to get them copied. I had a new one made 3 years or so ago. It’s a Joseph Aboud (Moore’s better grade made to measure brand), and is...
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    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    Fair enough, I agree with your logic completely. Never got that whole switchblade ban thing though. There are much more dangerous knives out there than ones that open with one hand. I suspect it’s a case of switchblades being viewed as “scary” by the authorities who don’t know better, as the...
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    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    Sounds like a good deal BelfastBoy. I thought there was some sort of ordinance against owning spring assist knives in Canada though, Something about falling under the shadow of the the switchblade knife ban, or something like that.
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    Show us your Thrift and/or yard sale finds

    Good crystal isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity for sipping good drinks in. Wine always tastes better when drunk from crystal too, just like eating from real silver silverware makes food taste better.
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    Classic Safari vehicles!

    Ever think or reloading yourself? It’s not that difficult. For the SMLEs, I really like the .303 British. Excellent round. I also have a 19th century Martini-Enfield in this cartridge. Great fun!
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    Classic Safari vehicles!

    Nice! I always wanted a blower 4.5L but can’t afford even a fraction of the price of admission. I’m only a thousandaire, not a millionaire?
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    In the Pressure Cooker!

    I just read this thread, and it’s made me want to dig my pressure cooker out of the back of the cupboard. I got it for a wedding present the first time round, and we only used it a couple of times. It’s been sitting there waiting for some love for years now!
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    What is your biggest vice?

    No question at all for me. Motorcycles. Both new and vintage!
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    How many Hemingway Bars have you visited?

    I’ve been to Harry’s Bar in Venice, La Floridita in Havana (almost empty when I was there on the 17th of March, 2014 the very day that Cuba opened up to the US), La Bodagita in Havana, and Sloppy Joe’s in Havana. I have also been to Finca Vigia, just out of Havana, and his house in Key West as...

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