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    Real McCoys G-1 Fit Check

    I still think this is one of the best fitting jackets I've seen on the forum. If it fit me the way it fit you I'd be extremely happy with it. Unfortunately it's not my size but if it was, I'd seriously consider buying it.
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    Legendary Hellcat G-1?

    I've been away from the forum for awhile. I see people talking about G&B. Have they started making jackets again?
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    Gibson and Barnes doing ok?

    I owned one of their Toko-Ri jackets and it was absolutely beautiful! Only problem was the fit! It was too tight in the shoulders and too big and baggy in the body. I really wanted to like it but I just couldn't get past the fit. I finally sold it. You can buy Toko-Ri patches on ebay that are...
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    Gibson and Barnes doing ok?

    It's also my understanding that they will be making leather jackets again, although not as many models. I don't have the exact details but from what I understand, they had some large orders that came in and needed the space, equipment, man power, etc for all the work. I really wanted to like G&B...
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    My First Highwayman

    You can't get much better than that!
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    Real McCoys G-1 Fit Check

    It's funny how people see things so differently. I think this is one of the best looking, best fitting G-1's I've ever seen. I would be absolutely ecstatic with the fit of this jacket. Too me, it fits practically perfect in every way plus it's a beautiful jacket. Do Not Get RID OF THIS JACKET!
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    Real McCoys G-1 Fit Check

    Like I and others have said before, fit is very subjective. Fit can also be a problem when you are wearing different style jackets. You get used to the fit of a particular style jacket and then when you wear a different style jacket, it just doesn't feel right, it feels different. It doesn't...
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    A2 jacket fit - honest opinions requested

    Fit is very subjective isn't it? I know one thing, if you think the jackets are too big then they are. It doesn't really matter what others think. Having said that, I agree with you. The jackets would be a little too big for me. Although the sleeves on the ELC would be too short for me. To me...
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    Flight gear display // Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, GA

    Great pictures! Always like the military stuff!
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    My new Thedi X Thurston Phenix Quilted Cafe Racer

    Not much more to say but I agree with everyone else, the jacket looks fantastic and fits perfectly! It's such a great feeling to find a jacket that fits you perfectly in every way, especially off the rack.
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    My brand new Eastman Roughwear A-2 1401p jacket fit question

    My point just had to do with the fit of the jacket. The US Wings jacket fits me personally better than any other jacket I've ever owned so because of that it's always been my favorite. Other than fit, it doesn't come close to measuring up with the other jacket makers.
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    My brand new Eastman Roughwear A-2 1401p jacket fit question

    HaHa! Well, I was hesitant to put it down because nobody is going to like it. It's US Wings! I know, I know, I know, it's not what people like here but what can you do. I've come full circle. I started off years ago with a US Wings jacket and really liked it but discovered this forum and got...
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    Aero Leather Jacket

    I agree with Fanch. I have had my jackets hanging on these hangers for years and have had absolutely no problems.
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    My brand new Eastman Roughwear A-2 1401p jacket fit question

    For me, nothing, I mean nothing, is more important than the fit of the jacket! If the jacket doesn't fit properly, I don't care who the maker is, how beautiful the leather is, how great the materials are, I don't want the jacket. I have purchased jackets from almost every major jacket maker...
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    Problems with Aero Jacket and Talon Zipper

    It's funny how people view YKK zippers. You'd think they were the worst zipper ever made but when do you actually ever here anybody really complain about the way they work? I actually love them! I know I'm a minority here but a #10 YKK zipper is my favorite. No problems and it never fails.
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    Kangaroo Woo Hoo!

    Beautiful jacket! I really like it. I think the shoulders and overall fit look great! Nobody's ever 100% happy with their jacket. I know I'm not. There is always something about the fit that I wish was a little better. If that was my jacket I would be very happy with it.
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    Steve S M-422a Build Thread

    It's a beauty! Fits great! You and I definitely have the same taste. G-1's and family are my favorites and pretty much all I wear now.
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    Kangaroo Woo Hoo!

    Absolutely beautiful jacket! I love that leather. I guess I'm lucky they no longer have any or might of had to pull the trigger on another jacket.
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    Steve S M-422a Build Thread

    Bingo! That was exactly my problem. I tried sizing down but the shoulders were just too tight. I really really wanted to like them but because I didn't like the fit I never wore them. They just hung in my closet. When I finally sold them, they all looked brand new.
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    Steve S M-422a Build Thread

    You may be the only person I have ever known that was happy with the fit of a Gibson & Barnes jacket. At one time I owned six of them. I sold them all. They were some of the most beautiful jackets I've ever owned. The leather, materials and workmanship was I think some of the best out there. The...

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