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    Help educate me in this style of vintage jacket? (Will likely be my first purchase!)

    Hey all! I don't know too much about general vintage leather jackets (only flight ones), and have become really interested as of late in one style in particular. While I'm finding some results on the usual sites, I know I need (and want!) a lot more info and knowledge to narrow and inform my...
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    Help me find open pant hangers of a proper material?

    Kirby doesn't make that style of hanger.
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    Help me find open pant hangers of a proper material?

    I really want to get this style of pant hanger: https://www.amazon.com/ZOBER-Slack-Trousers-Pants-Hangers/dp/B01N9PZ5CK/ The issue I'm encountering is that the only options I've found thus far for the material that touches the pants are: - Cheap rubber/vinyl. Issue: do not trust my...
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    How would you lighten/break in cotton khaki to get the "field" look?

    Yeah, I washed it once, which I'll certainly never do again as too much damage can occur (in this case, the original tag went bye-bye. I sort of expected this based on others I've seen, but still regretted it. The cotton khaki itself though, and all other parts, were fine.) It knocked out some...
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    ISO these specific Simon Cathcart Ellington trousers in a 30 or 32 (can even do 34). Have any?

    Hey all! I was looking for these about a year ago and still haven't found a pair. I'm after a very specific release of the SJC Ellington trousers, from 2019-2020, shown in the pic here. I can comfortably wear a 30 or 32, and would also entertain a 34. Have any to sell? Thanks so much!
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    How would you lighten/break in cotton khaki to get the "field" look?

    As many of you know, cotton khaki components, notably shirts and trousers, would often be kept together during laundry by service members to make sure that they lightened at the same rate. Furthermore, you probably know how khaki uniforms worn in the field (and aboard ship, etc.) looked- very...
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    Who repairs vintage knitwear?

    Not sure what you mean. If “just let it slide,” that was one sample hole. Some of them have a bunch of these. They are unwearable at this point and need fixing. Re: darn it, that’s what I’m asking. I obviously don’t know how to do this myself and it’s nothing a corner tailor can do so I was...
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    Who repairs vintage knitwear?

    I have a number of collegiate knits from the 30s-50s, and man do they need some love :). Attaching a pic of a sample hole. They’re not all this big but this is what I’m dealing with. I imagine there are some pros out there that people rely upon to fix such items. Are there indeed people that...
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    Campus Horsehide jackets- inform me?

    So a few days ago someone on FB posted some pics of a 1950s Campus-brand horsehide jacket, and I was instantly smitten. Something about the lines, features, and finish of this guy won me over (see pics). I immediately began searching for horsehide, campus, and campus horsehide jackets. Wanted to...
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    Good vintage shopping in Vegas?

    Does anyone have any recs for good vintage stores in Las Vegas? I realize it might not be the most fertile land, but I’m sure there are a few places that might be good for men’s and women’s wear from 20s-60s… right? :)
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    Help me understand what WWII US Army pilots wore in flight (?)

    But that really doesn’t help me. I still have loads of photos and the questions above. I’m trying to get down to the nitty-gritty, to the shirt and tie level. The pictures seem to be fairly consistent across the same type of mission/theater/plane, but I could use a document or reference to...
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    Help me understand what WWII US Army pilots wore in flight (?)

    Right. I’ve seen them quite a bit. Would love to get some info on how all these pieces fit together.
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    Help me understand what WWII US Army pilots wore in flight (?)

    I've been trying to piece this together, and am confused. There seem to be three general categories of what a US Army Air Corps officer/pilot would be wearing in general on the ground, but I'm not sure though how it all interplays and what was actually worn in flight... 1. Class As (or at...
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    US Army WWII: curious what was worn with officer winter Class As beyond pinks and greens

    For officer winter Class As, I was curious if the following were ever worn (I know the answer is usually "everything was worn. Every exception can be found. Depends on the CO. Etc." but was curious if it's common/common knowledge): - Cotton khaki for either shirts or trousers. - Wool/TW khaki...
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    Best place to get reproduction pins?

    I ask from time to time on usmilitaria but they are understandably more focused on real pins. Does anyone know a good source for reproduction WWII pins to flesh out my uniforms? I use Eagle Emblems for a number of them, which work because they have a few older types and most of these pins...
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    Help me decipher all the lower fastening parts of a traditional bib evening shirt?

    I have my first proper bib evening shirt and I couldn't be happier (I ended up going with La Valiere, sold through Barker Collars (and New & Lingwood for a substantial markup :),) for those who followed my earlier posts on the subject. The thing is, both for personal edification and for very...
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    Thanks. KA has been recommended to me now in a few places. That's when I have to double back and go, "ooooh, ok, maybe I want the silver standard." :) $30 per hanger is really steep, so I was wondering if maybe you knew the next tier or two down? Thanks again!
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    Perhaps a very banal question, but- is there some gold standard hanger brand or type you recommend, in this case for men’s suits? The IKEA wooden ones are too rough, so I was just going to hop on Amazon and buy some polished ones, but then I read the polish could be bad for clothes. I figured...
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    Talk to me about vintage sneaker brands...

    So I'm well aware of Converse and PF Flyers. Any others that were prominent at any point in the 30s, 40s, or 50s? I love the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars but just can't seem to find a size that fits me (too long a toe box and then too tight a vamp. When I solve one issue I screw up the...
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    How do you secure a tie under a detachable flat collar?

    So I've more or less mastered all the parts of traditional English dress wear with this one exception: How in tarnation do you properly secure your tie such that it nestles in the fold of a detachable flat collar and doesn't fall between the collar and the neckband? I believe I once read, long...

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