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  1. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    I don't own a Sydney, but I handled several and tried a few on at David Morgan 2019-2020. The Sydney brim has a raw edge, so that will be different from your Stylemaster. The Sydneys I handled were of a thin felt so soft that David Morgan would not guarantee that their steamed-in bash would...
  2. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    The Cedar Brown and Moonstone colors were only available in the CD Deluxe, which was discontinued.
  3. Boomerang

    Akubra Campdraft

    You'll probably get a few different angles on this, as well you should. My priorities beyond look and fit are that a hat be weather-ready and provide weather protection. The Camp Draft will take the local rain and snow, and the slightly larger brim gives better protection from the sun and...
  4. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    Back in September I played my last show with the band I formed in 2016. The moonstone Campdraft Deluxe served me well throughout the long evening. Gotta love that classy decor at Darrell's.
  5. Boomerang

    Akubra Campdraft

    I use distilled water from a spray bottle because it is easier, and as dmsantam points out, you have more time to work. I find it interesting that the Akubra care instructions I've received with many a hat suggest a dry bash, which you perfect when your hat is dampened with rain. They also...
  6. Boomerang

    Akubra Campdraft

    I'm one of those folks who wears my Camp Drafts all year round. Last August I played another 2-set outdoor show in 85 degree (F) heat wearing my sand (formerly silverbelly) Camp Draft Deluxe. I actually wore the hat all day long at the event, and did not sweat thru the leather band. That...
  7. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    I'm betting that is EXACTLY what is happening. I like the color, but sand is a more appropriate name for the color of my Akubras that were sold as silverbelly.
  8. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    I acquired an open crown Akubra Bushman a few years ago and told myself that it was NOT precious, but rather my "guinea pig" hat - all new procedures or techniques would be practiced on the Bushman before attempting them on another "good" hat. You guessed correctly: it is now one of my favorite...
  9. Boomerang

    Akubra Campdraft

    I love the Camp Draft. I have 9 of them in various colors and bashes. Your patience will soon be rewarded, and I don't think you will be disappointed. Can't wait to see a pic or two once you receive it.
  10. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    My experience is with the same color (Bluegrass Green) but the Campdraft model as opposed to a Stylemaster. I too was puzzled about what I read about the color in this forum, prior to biting the bullet and placing my order. Well, let me tell you that my hat is green. Not a bright green, but a...
  11. Boomerang

    What hat do you wear most (and why)?

    That's an astounding hat and you sir, look as if you were born to wear it. Absolutely magnificent. Every time I see these pics I have the same reaction, so I had to post this time.
  12. Boomerang

    Movie hats

    I watched NO SUDDEN MOVE - a contemporary thriller by Steven Sondheim, set in the mid-1950s. I found the movie enjoyable enough to lose focus on the hats. I think that's a positive review. Don Cheadle is almost never without his fedora, and wears it very comfortably throughout the film...
  13. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    David Morgan now has the Campdraft on their list of hats. Presently they only have one color (Silverbelly) in one size (62). I guess that's a start. I realize that they may have absorbed some stock from another retailer that is closing-out or some such thing, but it is nice to see the hat on...
  14. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    My first trip to David Morgan had me going back and forth between the Hampton and the Stylemaster. I eventually ended up with the Stylemaster, but it was a very close race. The Hampton looked better on me than I anticipated, and you wear it extremely well.
  15. Boomerang

    Wolfbrae Custom Hatters

    Beautiful hat! The color, the bound brim, the attitude... all spot-on in my opinion. Congrats!
  16. Boomerang

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Wow! That's a stunner, Brent. I hope you keep that one relatively high in your rotation. I won't complain if it makes an appearance in WHAYWT now and then.
  17. Boomerang

    Akubra Overload

    I'm a sucker for a bound brim...
  18. Boomerang

    How many hats do you have?

    After 2 years at this, I've accumulated 12 fur felt hats. 10 are my rotation hats (each gets worn every 10 days or so ;)) and the other 2 are beaters. The beaters don't come out much, but when they're needed for special assignment, they perform marvelously. I DO own 3 ball caps that never...
  19. Boomerang

    Post New Hats Here!

    I think all 3 look good. But that gray Cattleman stands out. Just my opinion.
  20. Boomerang

    Do you wear a fedora while driving?

    I actually do wear my hats while driving. I don't wear prescription sunglasses, so I use the hat brim for sunshade. I wear Akubra Camp Drafts and Bushman. I've always sat up very straight, with my upper back away from the seat back when I drive. In this position the brim might hit the...

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