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  1. Mcox47

    The Dobbs Diner...

    Instantly jealous. It's even in my size. I never seem to make these kind of finds. Guess I'm just looking in all the wrong places. Is the color black or dark blue?
  2. Mcox47

    Ancestor hat pics

    A cousin I never met but wish I had.
  3. Mcox47

    Ancestor hat pics

    My grandparents with my mother and her dog. Early 1920's.
  4. Mcox47

    Pop Up Ads between forums - is this new?

    I'm up for a modest fee, but also suggest some type of revenue from the classified ads. The return from the leather jacket trade alone would go a long way to funding the site.
  5. Mcox47

    1950's Dobbs Forty

    If only it was in my size. A Dobbs is in my regular rotation.
  6. Mcox47

    Hat Hoarder Humor

    But dear, it's only one more hat.
  7. Mcox47

    Hat Hoarder Humor

    You might have a hat addiction if: You have more hats than you can wear in one month, even if you wear more than one different hat each day. You have at least one room in your house just to store the "seldom worn" hats. Half or more of your hats are not in your size. You only reluctantly...
  8. Mcox47


  9. Mcox47

    Hawaiian shirts and fedoras

    A stunner! And the ribbon treatment with its unusual bow really kicks it up another notch. I need to take your advice and contact NW Hats about an order.
  10. Mcox47

    TFL Site Upgrade issues thread

    great. I'll go try that. Thanks
  11. Mcox47

    TFL Site Upgrade issues thread

    I seem to have lost the little symbol that when clicked would take you to the first unread message. Did we lose that or am I doing something wrong?
  12. Mcox47

    The Dobbs Diner...

    Nice hat. I am also a 7 1/8 and have several Dobbs in my meager rack. They all run true to size and fit me well.
  13. Mcox47

    Show us your Stingy Brims

    Since I don't own any hat with a brim larger than 2 1/4", and only one that wide, I thought I would step into the conversation with this Knox Twenty. 2" brims are my personal sweet spot. Wider brims seem to overpower my face.
  14. Mcox47

    Is the vintage hat market dead?

    Here's another 7 1/8 guy interested. Knox, Dobbs or Cavanagh all welcome. Post a few and the experts here (not me) can better help you.
  15. Mcox47

    Hat Boxes For Sale - The Sequel

    Any guesstimates on shippings costs to Texas per box? p.s. the links work for me.
  16. Mcox47


    I wear a 7 1/8 in a Cavanagh, Dobbs or Stetson. I am told Borsalinos run small and I should look for a 7 1/4.
  17. Mcox47


    I keep looking for a real Borsalino, so will all you Borsalino Brothers please stop buying up hats in my size? Especially when they don't fit you and are destined to sit on a shelf. Open the tent and let some others in please. :) Really nice hat and obviously, I'm jealous.
  18. Mcox47

    Do you wear a fedora while driving?

    I tend to wear short brims of 1 7/8" or 2" with no issues. Even when I had a convertible. Driving 95 mph (allegedly) for 15 miles or so home from work with the top down and my hat on was heaven.
  19. Mcox47

    Mid-1950s Dobbs Forty Fedora, Size 7-1/8

    It's my size. Wish it was my price! Very nice hat
  20. Mcox47

    FS: Three Borsalino hats size 7 1/8

    I hear Borsalinos tend to run small in size. I wear a 7 1/8 in both vintage Cavanaghs and Stetsons. Are your hats going to be too tight? Could you include measurements front to back & side to side to give me a better idea of fit?

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