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    The Stratoliner Society {VINTAGE}

    Good Day!!! I have a Silver Stratoliner box that I have given up trying to fill with a hat. Anyone who needs one, please make and offer and let me know. Thanks
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    Making a New Hat

    HOWDY after long absence JW's has made two hats for me plus reconditioned another. Very good work and excellent communication. If I have some more work that needs done, I will call them. It seems stupid to send a hat so far, but I dont know anyone else who does this work so well!!! Thanks...
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    Miller hat Guerra

    Been There _ Not sorry Mine is grey and it is still one of my favorites, right behind the Dobbs 40
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    Is there a standard brim size for 1911-style Campaign hats?

    DeanGlen is the expert -BUT I measured my Stratton and my Stetson and they both measure 3" all around. I've seen some that appear to have been but down further. Dont remember any 4" brims, but that's where Dean Glen comes in, maybe.
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    New Miller Hats

    HI YA FLICK AND WELCOME BACK!! ALWAYS good to see new offerings. I am an owner of a Millers Guerra, great hat and underated as far as I'm concerned.
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    Sombrero ?

    Nice try Feltman DEELOVELY wins handsdown, sorry.
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    Sanitizing used hats?

    Scratch scratch Thank you Sweet Leilani - The definitive answer. I have just used the zero degree freezer for a month solution but your idea sounds excellent without patronizing the chemical industry. Once again, experience wins out over the better living thru chemistry. But I like the...
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    elephant hair bracelet

    My Two Bits I have two which were acquired with great difficulty from several co-workers from Kenya. They are not approved to be removed from Kenya they tell me. There are a number of copies that are made from a reed which resembles elephant hair. The customs officials at the air port put a...
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    Just Got The Snowy River.....

    I have Seniority I'm on my third one and while I think there are better hats out there, I like mine and the ones I have pitched. They will shrink when exposed to weather but all in all, congrats! PS mine have all been unlined dating from almost 15 years ago.
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    Akubra "Slouch"

    Not an ANZAC but---- I own an Akubra slouch hat myself. The brim was turned up on one side to accomodate a rifle at shoulder arms I believe. I just leave mine down flat like a well "slouch hat". In the other former penal colony (US) a hat that is turned down all around and "casual" is...
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    Need recommendation for straw fedora

    Tropics? You want a looser weave to allow air flow. Since no straw hat is good in the rain, it doesnt matter. A Milan weave from Millers would be a good solution and the way I would go but I dont know about the logistics regarding your situation. Shipping could be prohibitive. Panamas are...
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    Buffalo felt

    MY TWO BITS I have been curious about these hats and recently was able to touch both the Resistol and Stetson version at the Outlet. The Resistol wasnt worth taking out, the Stetson had a higher finish and felt "better" to the hand. The tag was 70.00 and it was a "version" of the Boss of the...
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    Stampede Strings, Wind Trolleys and Super Glue: How do you keep your hat on?

    Help from Hollywood? The old western actors used to use what they called "hat glue" for those stirring horseback chases thru the back lot. Dont have any idea what it was tho. Stampede strings, chin straps (nape straps also) or staples seem to be the cure unless your a stingy brim man then it...
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    Stetson Bashing at Club Obi-Wan - What gives?

    To be as fair as I know how They both have shrunk with exposure to the elements. The felt in Stetson fedoras were or maybe are thinner than an Akubra. The Akubras tend to swell or thicken with repeated exposure to the elements and also sun fade (to be exptected). I have worn a Stetson to...
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    Stetson Bashing at Club Obi-Wan - What gives?

    I AGREE WITH JTM Plus I like his art work in background. I have owned several Akubras and the comparison between them and Stetson is subjective. Personally, I find the Stetson felt better to the touch (mostly) and have seen many more Stetsons than Akubras. I have 4 Akubras having worn several...
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    Miller hat Guerra

    Gracias Hapyy new year to you also
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    What the well-dressed wear to clear snow...

    Only One Hat from Outlet I purchased an Open Road for my Uncle, 35 bucks and he can wear it with his pipe band. I look forward to those pictures. I tried to dicker on a Buffalo Felt Open Crown but couldnt get them to budge from 70 dollars. Oh well, maybe someone here has taken the plunge and...
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    Miller hat Guerra

    A tree falling in the forest If no one is there, does it make a sound? I already have mine and like it, how about you Metropod? Or are you just busy with the season.
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    Another New Member - Hello

    I think you'll enjoy it also Pull up a chair and enjoy the talk. BUT be yourself.
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    The few, the proud, the Stetson wearers...

    Rocky Mountain News? Used to love to pick up a copy when out in your country. I think there badly informed as to the boss of the plains. I"m sure Dean Glen will chime in when he's ready. The type of hat now worn is called Montana Peak or Peak Like!!!.There have been several variations. The...

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