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  1. Philippe1804

    Scam alert!!!! Beware of Walker Pinkman

    Same story for me, concerning a GW A2 monarch, with Pictures from this forum, a true asshole ;)
  2. Philippe1804

    WTB GW A2 size 38-40

    Hi Guys, looking for a good wear A2 size 38 or 40 ! cheers, Philippe
  3. Philippe1804

    FS A2 size 38 Bud Anderson signature / Ace Silk lining

    Hi Guys, I propose this premium repro, from the discontinued THE FEW, a Rough Wear 23380 with Bud Anderson Signature, horsehide, crown zipper, splendid red Silk lining. Very good conditions, 950 USD, shipping include. Cheers, Philippe
  4. Philippe1804

    WTB Good wear leather A2, M422 size 38-40

    Hi gentlemens, I try to not have to wait for 2 years for those beauty...we never know ;) all the best ! Cheers, Philippe

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