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  1. Woodfluter

    Headwear for hot, rainy weather?

    The Brazilian tarp hat has a head start on Tilley - you might have to abuse the latter for a very long time to acquire that urban outdoorsman patina. But back to your stated needs Nyah...I'd second suggestions for both Tilley and the Akubra Fed. Re Tilley: you wanted something made of...
  2. Woodfluter

    Vintage Strouse & Bros. Homburg Size 7 3/8

    P.M. sent...
  3. Woodfluter

    Hat Psychology

    Methinks Lorne is onto something here. In most situations, if you look different in a sort of vaguely "traditional" way, they're likely to assume you're a freethinker, someone that doesn't follow the crowd, independent, maybe interesting - regardless of age. I've gotten uniformly positive...
  4. Woodfluter

    Wtb akubra federation iv

    Just a note about sizing...I think the advice about going for a size up, due to shrinkage, with the Federation Imperial grade felt (standard) is likely correct. However, if you do go for the Deluxe (Heritage felt), I would suggest ordering your true size. For reference, and summarizing...
  5. Woodfluter

    Crushing Disappointment

    Lorne, in line with what jlee said...and I know this seems like a silly question, but I'll ask anyway... Are you quite sure the seller sent you the hat depicted in the auction photos? Is there any chance you ended up receiving a different but similar hat? I had something like that happen...
  6. Woodfluter

    Crushing Disappointment

    I can see a few things in the photos that might have made me wonder a little, but nothing like what you describe. Yikes. Lorne, did the seller photograph the sides of the hat that were severely moth-eaten? I don't mean the crappy photos where you can't see anything anyway - the others where you...
  7. Woodfluter

    I want a real sweater.

    Surprised nobody has mentioned the Norwegian crewneck sweater sold by LL Bean. Originally made by Devold in Norway. That was a classic when I lived in Connecticut in the 1980s, but I never owned one at the time. Then Bean outsourced production to China in the 1990s and (surprise) sales fell in...
  8. Woodfluter

    My Hat Was In The News!

    Great work Jeff. Nice to know there's folks like you in this forum.
  9. Woodfluter

    The Cap Faction

    Just a minor addendum. Generally true, but some of the City Sport do in fact have a quite vintage appearance. No leather sweatbands, but the "420" model in particular has an 10-11" diameter and vintage proportions, whether in tweed or linen. Also I've been very impressed with the consistency of...
  10. Woodfluter

    A Hat Like This: A Wide Brimmed Tweedy Hat

    Apart from the air vents (and yes, it's a very short view to base anything on), it is similar to one I have and coincidentally have been wearing recently, since weather here got cooler. Mine was purchased from Orvis years back, but brim was turned up in back and down in front. That never...
  11. Woodfluter

    Federation IV sizing

    Just a word of warning...if you put softer creases in, you can steam the hat and undo that. Sometimes will take some pressing, as with a rounded glass, to smooth it back to open crown or remove what you did before. But with many hats, and especially the modern ones (including the Feds), once...
  12. Woodfluter

    Federation IV sizing

    Adding a bit to what GT Dean said: I believe Hats Direct advises you toward a larger Fed because of the particular block used and the shrinkage of the Imperial grade (standard) felt, which others noted. However, my experience is that the Heritage grade felt is *very* resistant to shrinkage...
  13. Woodfluter

    Condolences to Douglas

    Adding mine to the others, Douglas. Didn't know he was you father or had passed on until now. I remember seeing Charles Durning onscreen often. A fine actor who brought life to every role he inhabited. Incidentally, my uncle was on Omaha Beach as well, as a medic. To this day he won't discuss...
  14. Woodfluter

    High-priced felt

    Seems to me there's folks out there who are buying name recognition. They've heard of Whippet and seen the vintage celebrity ads, so they just gotta have one. I'm sure it's an OK hat but as others noted, there's better quality lids available for far less.
  15. Woodfluter

    Hat Jack Use & Turning Up the Sweatband

    I can't believe that turning out the sweatband routinely is good for the hat, and especially not the sweatband. On vintage hats, when checking the interior for labels, I am very gentle with the sweatband and bend it as little as possible. With newer hats and ones that have leather in good...
  16. Woodfluter

    anyone experience with david morgan?

    Yep, that should be good I think. I know it would be better to have a hat store nearby but they're just so scarce these days. Morgan will be fine about returns and at worst, you'd be out some shipping cost. Yep, you're right. The charcoal was my first Akubra. It was size 60 and I worked hard...
  17. Woodfluter

    anyone experience with david morgan?

    r.l., the comments about David Morgan match my two or three experiences purchasing from them. I also wanted to add that I think you'll like the Banjo Paterson (I have two) but figured I should pass along a bit of advice about sizing. In my opinion, the Akubra folks size their hats a tad on...
  18. Woodfluter

    Hats and baldness

    I've heard some contend that it's the other way around...that hair loss causes hats. But no, of course not. Genetics as others said. The earliest that I recall hearing this rumor was actually reading it in Herman Melville's "White-Jacket; or, the World in a Man-of-War" (1850). Melville thought...
  19. Woodfluter

    The horror! The horror!

    This might be a contender for the most clueless item of clothing ever. Not in the same league with trousers that you have to hold up with one hand just to walk but that's patently stupid. This, on the other hand, is clueless. The flashing LED fedora, however, is obviously a safety item. So you...
  20. Woodfluter

    The Cap Faction

    Hi Adnamira, Hi Chasseur - I have a navy blue linen City Sport that seems to be the same model as pictured here (10"). http://www.classic-caps.co.uk/acatalog/baker_boy.html As well as a the model 420 that is 11", in light green. http://www.hats-plus.com/p-1154-city-sport-linen-newsboy-cap.aspx...

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