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  1. Stringmaster

    Moustache Wax

    Thanks—I have some of that—will give it another try.
  2. Stringmaster

    Moustache Wax

    Thread resurrection! I’m still searching for the right ‘stache wax—I think I’ve tried pretty much all of them it seems! My hair is pretty soft, and I sweat a fair amount, so I need a very strong hold. Also my moustache is white, so anything yellow or brownish doesn’t work. The “Cowboy Stache...
  3. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots

    Howdy: I don't get on here very much, but wanted to share my new Osuna's. I was looking for a work boot to replace my Ariat's--those fit me like buckets and I don't like the broad square toe. These are made with oily Bison leather for the vamp and top, with a composition sole that Estaban says...
  4. Stringmaster

    Classic firearms of the classic era.

    Love those grips--who made 'em?
  5. Stringmaster

    Moustaches-Yes or No

    I'm a yes! Had mine since I was 16 years old--shaved it once for my senior high school picture (which I hated), so I grew it back and had it since. A beard has come and gone a few times over the years, but the 'stache will be with me till the end--it's simply a part of me!!
  6. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots

    Late to the party but here's my Blucher Style 40's that I had made to measure in 1995. I paid a whopping $300, plus an extra $10 for the extra high tops (still have the receipt). I yanked out the pull straps--while I liked the vintage vibe of them, they were irritating to my legs. Had them...
  7. Stringmaster

    Vintage Eyeglasses

    Any idea who made Roy's glasses? They appear to be a grey tortoise and metal frame. I dig 'em!
  8. Stringmaster

    Clarks "Desert Boots"

    Well those Red Wing Chukka's are their own animals (imported I believe), so they don't fit like their handmade work boots. I typically wear a size 10 or 10 1/2 in most shoes--dress, tennis, causal, etc. My foot is a little on the narrow side, and I got the size 43 Astorflex's.
  9. Stringmaster

    Western, anyone?

    Winner, Winner!!
  10. Stringmaster

    Aero Leather Grizzly.

    Awesome--it suits you well--and I'd rock that thing in a second!@
  11. Stringmaster

    Aero Sale Oct 22nd 2018

    I almost snagged a Bootlegger, but got cold feet as it was listed as "Blue Label" with no further description as to why (and I'm particular--even though it's likely no big deal). Given that I'm in the US and have to add shipping and potential customs fees I didn't want to chance it.
  12. Stringmaster

    Western, anyone?

    Sharp hat DD, and suits you very well
  13. Stringmaster

    Western, anyone?

    WooHoo! Have some fun!
  14. Stringmaster

    Western, anyone?

    Lookin' good Bob!
  15. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots

    That gives me an idea :)
  16. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots

  17. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots

    Thanks Bob, the stitching pattern/colors and fancy collar were Esteban's choice. I was after something a bit more simple, but he twisted my arm and I'm glad he did! There's a lot of labor in the extra rows of stitching when it's done by hand!--The size is somewhere in the 11 1/2 B range, with...
  18. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots

    New Osuna Day!! My boots were actually done about a month ago and Esteban was nice enough to go out of his way to meet up with me outside of San Diego so we could assess the fit in person. Unfortunately they were a bit too big overall, including not being snug enough in the instep, and being...
  19. Stringmaster

    Traded car in for a Mini Cooper, what jacket to get as companion?

    Lots of cool suggestions. It's not leather but I'd part with this since I don't have my MINI any longer (sorry for the spam).
  20. Stringmaster

    Cowboy Boots


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