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  1. Deacon211

    G-1 flight jacket identification help please

    It’s a good looking jacket and I’d agree genuinely from the ‘50s. The lack of USN ID, either on the collar or the windflap makes me wonder if this was one of those jackets, mil in design, but made and sold to the civil market. I’d imagine the size and shape of the collar tag, even if missing...
  2. Deacon211

    Which Pecard's Product/is my jacket "coated" leather?

    Entirely my opinion and I’m sure it depends on the leather, but I generally don’t find that creases really “come out” of jackets. The leather develops a memory and, once bent a certain way, tends to return to that preference. I’ve tried to “reinfluence” several of my jackets. It never seems to...
  3. Deacon211

    Anyone know much about Brill Bros.?

    Wasn’t Brill Bros the early ‘70s cowhide/Dynel collar jacket that tended towards the squeaky side? I had one that was a bit small on me. Decently made though as I recall.
  4. Deacon211

    Cockpit USA Classic 100 Missions G-1 jacket

    Little late, but you should search for my review now a few years past. I’m 6’1 and 215. I’m not at home but I believe the jacket is a 48, fits like a 47. Little short in the torso as are all their G-1s. Not baggy but broad enough to fit my 54yr old frame.
  5. Deacon211

    G-1 Jacket Purchase

    Oh, G+B has kind of fallen off the radar these days as they dialed back their jacket sales a bit. Indeed last I heard G+B had resized their jackets to accommodate a more, ahem, full bodied customer base. If you don’t like them baggy, you probably don’t want a G+B from the last several years.
  6. Deacon211

    G-1 Jacket Purchase

    Though I have kind of fallen off the G-1 hunt, I think you have some good options for a reasonable price these days. 5 Star leather seems to have a great following and for the price is hard to beat. AVI leathers is another great choice and the one or two examples posted on here look to be...
  7. Deacon211

    Dying a G-1 Mouton Flight Jacket Collar

    Sometimes the newer G-1s, even the wool ones, tend to fade to a greenish grey, kind of unappealing. I guess you could daub the collar with dye on a sponge. I’d test it on the most inconspicuous spot first though.
  8. Deacon211

    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    Looks great! Wear it in good health. I believe that the Forrestal is basically the same cut and leather as the 100 Mission jacket, one of which I still have. And I couldn’t agree more. That jacket is a winner!
  9. Deacon211

    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    That’s a great looking jacket! I tend to agree that, historical bragging rights aside, the ANJ really is the best of both flight jacket worlds. As we’ve discussed, it’s really difficult to say for certain whether the “collarless G-1” was a thing. But I’d gently advise a certain amount of...
  10. Deacon211

    M422a - Aero, Eastman or someone else?

    I have both an ELC G-1 and an Aero A-1. As Edward has said, I’m not certain about the patterns that Aero uses and I agree that perfect accuracy is more than a bit of Unobtainium, but the ELC is a beautiful and convincingly accurate jacket. Be aware that ELCs are (or at least were) thinner...
  11. Deacon211

    Famous People in Flight Jackets

    I’d have loved to fly the T-28. So much more burly than the T-34.
  12. Deacon211

    How did flight jackets (A-2,A1,B6, etc.) get their letter/numbers?

    It might be worth asking over at the VLJ. Some of the guys over there have really dug into the source documents and might have some insight into naming conventions. It’s an interesting subject and you can see the evolution of the American military logistical system reflected in it.
  13. Deacon211

    RAF Care

    I have an ELC pre-war Irvin. It has the same issues with wear around the sleeves. However, it hasn’t progressed farther around the perimeter than the bottom and I’ve had the jacket for years. I also have a B-6 with a good bit of matting and sleeve wear. Just like my Irvin the wear happened...
  14. Deacon211

    G-1 Jacket Name tag patch

    That’s a great piece of history you have there! Congratulations on a nice find.
  15. Deacon211

    Sizing questions Aero Leather A-1 jacket

    Sending measurements is of course a good idea, but a fit jacket would be nice if you could try one. Here’s mine. Generally, I found the pattern to be tight in the chest and shoulders for me even sized up. It’s just not meant to be a generous jacket. Good luck!
  16. Deacon211

    Cooper G-1

    Others will have to sanity check me in this, but I don’t believe that is entirely correct. From what I’ve seen, WWII jackets typically had something stenciled on the collar. I assume that is what you mean by “stamped” in the context of the collar at least. It was always USN in the case of the...
  17. Deacon211

    G-1 Customization Project

    That’s a very kind wife! Will be interested to see how it turns out. Sometimes, when working on a project like this, I think the journey is half the fun.
  18. Deacon211

    G-1 Customization Project

    Since I’ve already said too much, I’ll say some more! LOL! I don’t really have a hosting service, so links will have to do unfortunately. This is the VMFA-314 Viet Nam page. http://vmfa-314.com/ There’s a very nice version of the 314 VN patch there. Note the wide helmet, the sharpness of...
  19. Deacon211

    G-1 Customization Project

    Hey guys, Just saw this so I apologize for the late reply. As far as patches go, truly it is regulation to only wear a name tag on the left chest and a squadron patch on the right. It is not unheard of however to also wear your aircraft patch on the right sleeve, though many prefer to wear a...
  20. Deacon211

    Which G-1?

    FWIW, ‘90s era Coopers were goat and are a nice, if not gorgeous, jacket. I believe the blue label aftermarket versions (as were sold in the NEX/MCX) also had real mouton but poly knits. I mention these as they are more recent and thus maybe more common. Honestly, the Cockpit still makes a...

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