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  1. art_deco_fan

    Stetson Playboy ( Modern).

    Thank you! Thought I may have had a rare find on my hands. Thanks for the info.
  2. art_deco_fan

    Stetson Playboy ( Modern).

    I recently acquired the Stetson Playboy. I have tried to find some info and have found very little, does anyone know the story? Sorry about the sideways photos! Still learnin'....
  3. art_deco_fan

    Smelly hat: How to get an odor out of a hat?

    Thank you for the confirmation, does this apply to straws as well?
  4. art_deco_fan

    Smelly hat: How to get an odor out of a hat?

    Hello fellow loungers, fire has recently claimed part of our home, including some of my most prized hats. That being said, for those that did survive, how do I deal with the smoke damage? I remember a mention on a thread a while back about the use of naphtha for cleaning. Any info for cleaning...
  5. art_deco_fan

    Source of James Spader's hats {The Blacklist}

    I will check it out first chance I get, but having watched and enjoy Blacklist myself, I can say that most of his hats are in the 2ish" brim wise. I would search for 50's-60's stingy brimmed hats.
  6. art_deco_fan

    Source of James Spader's hats {The Blacklist}

    Need either a photo or the season and episode No. to get a reference for the hats dimensions. Hats come in a huge combination of brim/crown/ribbon sizes. good luck with your search and welcome to the group!
  7. art_deco_fan

    Lucky Strikes

    Ah Luckys! I was given a case of old C-rations by an old vet from the Korean war. Being young and way dumb at the time opened them and yes smoked them! Stale as hell, but still tasty. and as the topper chewed the almost 40 year old chicklets. My misspent youth.....
  8. art_deco_fan

    NEW STETSON 2015 Dress catalog

    I have had My Stetson Racine for about a month and would agree that QC is lacking. However the felt is nearly as nice as some of my vintage lids, soft, color is even, and the finish is velvety. Makes me wonder if any of these posts get back to Matt, perhaps he can crack that whip so to speak. I...
  9. art_deco_fan

    FS: Stetson Twenty Sovereign Mode Edge 7 1/4 minty fresh

    Snazzy lid! I have this exact hat in blue/grey and have to say It is my most prized hat, and for the price you are asking is well worth it. I do hope someone can appreciate this fine hat.
  10. art_deco_fan

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    One thing I would like to add is....wind trollies, when oh, when will they come back??
  11. art_deco_fan

    New WOOLLY Stratoliner...from STETSON???

    my only thought is, a stylish beater you can throw around with out worry.
  12. art_deco_fan

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    I suppose the real reason I went with this model was the bronze crown ribbon. you rarely see a contrasting ribbon theses days, I did a ton of shopping and this was the only one to fit the bill. I am proud to help support Stetson in it's effort to reenergize the hat industry.
  13. art_deco_fan

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    Adding my new Stetson to the fray. Pleased to wear such a fine hat. only a few minor irksome details, but overall a great looking hat and the feel of the fur is soft and very pliable.
  14. art_deco_fan

    Anybody Else Collect Sewing Machines?

    Neat video! I have sharpened many a dull needle in my day. Nice to see people making the most of the tools they have.
  15. art_deco_fan

    Adventurebilt hats status update (read if you have an outstanding order)

    Having recently lost both my parents to cancer, I feel for Steve and his family. Sad, sad situation. I pray he gets better and can find that spark of life once more. Peace to Steve....
  16. art_deco_fan

    Brim edging question.

    I completely agree! I have many bound edge hats, and they have a more dressed up look. nearly all my raw edge hats are daily knockabout hats. Nothing states as much class as a bound edge with a proper suit! Cheers all and have a wonderful Christmas!
  17. art_deco_fan

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    Well stated Rick! Most of my motivation is geared towards bolstering new hat sales. they don't make "vintage" any more, and as such, in finite supply. buying new keeps quality hats in the supply line and someday our new hats will be considered vintage! who knows someday vintage prices may...
  18. art_deco_fan

    Open Crown Stetsons: A Call (Plea) to Retailers!!

    No joke Tommyk! That is one nice Stetson! I love that tall crown! Looks like good things a coming that is for sure! I have one new hat and the rest are vintage, these new Stetsons are making me want a new hat!
  19. art_deco_fan

    Vintage Resistol Fedora

    man you sure do have some great stuff! the ribbon treatment on this hat is really nice! and my size even! I just ordered the new strat premier, or I might have bit on this one! hate blowing the wad and then great hat runs by, what luck.... Cheers!
  20. art_deco_fan

    Al Fawcett Limited Edition Silhouette Route 66 Sz 7 5/8

    I love the color! Art does such wonderfull work. wish it were in my size. good luck Purplesage, hope it finds a new loving home!

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