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    Fishermen's sweaters site

    Oh, none taken!
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    Fishermen's sweaters site

    I’m pretty sure the name of the color comes from the sheep that are the source of the wool. It is a natural color. I have quite possibly the best shawl cardigan in existence, made by Black Sheep Knitwear. And it comes in that Black Welsh color.
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    How to Imitate a Saddleback Leather bag...

    I had one. It was a terrible bag. Hard to get in and out of, 10 lbs empty, and so much hardware that it looked like something from the Eulenspigel Society. (Google it). It was uncomfortable and unwieldy. I got rid of it. My go to bags are: Filson (one in canvas, and one in leather) Ghurka...
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    Do these leather gloves look like a poor fit?

    I find Dents to fit a full size larger than gloves made in Asia and imported, or German gloves. Normally I am a 10-10.5 in Hesta, but 9.5 in Dents, (and that’s bordering on large)
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    White Gloves

    Aside from Masonic dress, (to which the white gloves have symbolic significance), the only time the wearing of white gloves is appropriate for a gentleman, is when wearing white tie. Everything else should be gray, yellow, brown or black.
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    It's been asked several times, so I thought I would weigh in on the proper way to wear signet ring, according to tradition. In the British tradition, the signet ring is normally worn on the pinky of nondominant hand. There was a practical reason for this. By wearing it on the nondominant hand...
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    IRVIN NUTS?...the ULTIMATE thread for those who love 'em!

    The Cockpit version of the Irvin: Is it any good? Ok, now i've been lurking for a while and I just ordered one of these jackets. I am not a re-enactor so historical accuracy isn't that important to me. I am looking for a good quality shearling bomber in a size 58. (I'm big.) I want it to keep...

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