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  1. Deeeluxe Definitely

    What's the smallest size vintage motorcycle (cross zip) you've seen? Does 32 exist?

    After deciding a 38 ICS Pakistan jacket was far too boxy, I did a good amount of research and decided I wanted to try an Excelled. I was thrilled to find a 34 and bought it for an expected price. Cleaned it really well. I'm finding that it also is rather boxy. The arms and body length are...
  2. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Fit check - Aero 1930s Half Belt size 42

    Peter Gabriel, is that you?! The fit looks good to me. If you love the jacket, I'd say an ill fit is out of the question. If all of the subjective allowances are to your liking, wear it happily and don't overthink it! [Edit: or, if you have the funds and inclination, you can have it modified...
  3. Deeeluxe Definitely

    WTB: Any vintage black fur felt fedora, 2⅜" or 2¼" brim, modest taper (head size 58.3 cm)

    I did convert a homburg , but it shrank in the process of dyeing it black. Have been unable to find anyone to help me reblock it Also, bump
  4. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Boprsalino Scott & Co., Ltd, Boston

    Hi Daniele, Do you have any black hats in 7 1/4, 58 with 2⅜"-2½" brims and tall (5¾"-6"), straight crowns? Thanks!
  5. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Thanks for remembering me, guys. I am just in the market for the cross zip, perfecto, motorcycle style at the moment. I found a nice one, but for over twice what the normal going rate is. Excelled seems to have what I'm looking for, in a slim cut, without the extra bells and whistles.
  6. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    Haha, you've almost got me sold. It does give it character, and besides, it's not like these jackets are symmetrical anyway. I do like that the grainy epaulet is on the smooth side, and vice versa. Balances it out. The seller got back to me with the measurements, and it seems like it should...
  7. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    Ah, this one in particular is $110 with the option of making an offer. But every search for "Perfecto jacket 34" is turning up results in the high 200s or higher. Maybe because it's only including the Schott brand. The free shipping makes me want to give it a go, though. I just don't trust...
  8. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    Interesting. I didn't even know that Perfecto referred to this style of jacket, regardless of maker (I thought it just referred to Schott's version). I read up a little on the history now, but thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Did we ever figure out what's going on with Japan...
  9. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    Oh, nice. I've been here for 2 years and never knew of that thread. Thanks!
  10. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    Much appreciated on the tag! I've got the same few resources I use for hats (I wish my head circumference had the same issue my chest circumference does!) scoured for now, but hopefully something else turns up soon. I recently got a bargain on an ICS jacket (same style as above), but it's just...
  11. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    This is good to hear. I am mostly just looking for something old but still in good shape. If the pocket and zippers are in the classic configuration (the ones I've admired all seem to have the features in the jacket above), I don't necessarily need or could afford something in the $500 range...
  12. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    Thanks for the replies, all. I'm waiting to hear back on the pit-to-pit measurement, and I'll see from there. Ah, I see. I'm mostly used to thrift shopping, where it seems like all the nice clothes are XXL. I figured this would be similar. I'm not new to vintage (especially fedoras) or leather...
  13. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Vintage Leather Jacket, Cracked or Normal?

    I've found this vintage jacket for sale for a reasonable deal, and it's hard to find my size (slim person). I am just wondering whether the leather on the front side looks cracked, or whether that was just - give or take - how the leather looked from the start. If it's damage, is it repairable...
  14. Deeeluxe Definitely

    FS: Lee All American fedora charcoal w/black 7 1/4

    These hats are all lovely, and the deals you're offering are absurdly generous. I keep waiting for one in black (you're my size, too).
  15. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Hats in restaurants

    Yes, seemingly without fail, they remove their hats before even crossing over the threshold. I couldn't imagine doing that, or just tossing my hat onto any available surface, as they also do. But as you say, cultures change. While they certainly valued their hats in many cases, they weren't...
  16. Deeeluxe Definitely

    Hats in restaurants

    I would leave my hat on in a restaurant, personally. Manners and etiquette are different, in my view. I abide by the former, but if it's something that shouldn't or can't offend someone, that's strictly performative, I pick and choose what to follow. Too many articles get lost, plus I am a bit...
  17. Deeeluxe Definitely

    WTB: 7 1/4 or 7 3/8 Liner (preferably Stetson)

    Looking for a liner for my 1950s Royal De Luxe Stetson- it has been missing since I found the hat. It can be an unmarked liner. I bought a half yard of satin to make a lining, but I can't find a sewing pattern. Found a good price on a liner on etsy, but it is $30+ shipping! If anyone can just...
  18. Deeeluxe Definitely

    OTHER THAN eBAY Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    Well, from the couple photos, it seems to be a terrific hat. I hope I get that lucky one day!
  19. Deeeluxe Definitely

    OTHER THAN eBAY Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    Did you end up selling this? Great looking hat. Good vintage + sizable brim + trim + black on black = harder to find than I'd suspected.

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