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  1. Nacht Segler

    Vintage Dating

    Same here. Went to see, and it was no more.
  2. Nacht Segler

    Things You can't Do Anymore

    Many things, despite being "only" 42...due to my ME/CFS. So...I focus on what I *can* do, and that keeps my spirits up.
  3. Nacht Segler

    Your favorite movie quotes

    From the 2008 movie "The Red Baron", really stuck with me for some time after hearing it... Manfred von Richthofen : [to Kate] When I became a pilot, I truly thought I had see everything from up there. I saw nothing. I was blind before I met you. You opened my eyes. You thought me to see what...
  4. Nacht Segler

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I watched the recent version of "All Quiet On The Western Front" as that interested me in relation to the other versions. Then I watched "The Bodyguard" from the 90s - because I never saw it and was interested in seeing it due to the fuss about it.
  5. Nacht Segler

    Chronic Illness

    That's what I found out when I was on Twitter and followed a lot of ME/CFS folks and organizations. Incidentally, in mid-August, I got the Moderna booster (my original Covid shots were J&J). After enduring extreme pain for a period of time, once those effects wore off, I wound up feeling better...
  6. Nacht Segler

    Chronic Illness

    Hi, you may remember me as Old Mariner (I posted before in your thread). I am glad to hear you *finally* got a diagnosis. I dealt with both FM (fibromyalgia) and ME/CFS (chronic fatigue) - I just deal with the latter now. There is a website I learned of that may be of help called Science4ME. I...

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