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    Aero Hooch Hauler, brown FQHH, size 44

    Great looking jacket. I need to measure one of mine to double check the measurements. Very good price too.
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    FS Aero STF Bootlegger 42 in Beautiful Stout Brown CXL FQHH

    Hi Jon, would it be possible to get the sleeve length and the length of the back. If I missed them in the ad I apologize. Thanks, Bill
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    Aero Horsehide size 44 jacket

    For some reason that type was stuck in my head. It does look softer than the FQHH. Is it a heavier type? I hope you don't mind one other question. I have a 32" waist. Are we close to the same size?
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    Aero Horsehide size 44 jacket

    Great looking jacket. At 6' and 160 with longer arms I never find a jacket with my sleeve length. Unless I custom order. Is this the tumbled leather?
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    FS- AERO Northeaster 40 - Cordovan FQHH Heavy Duty!

    Beautiful Jacket. I wish the sleeves were a little longer.
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    Hercules Leather Co - England

    That 1950's Racer looks beautiful. I'll be watching for your website. I've been looking for a new jacket but I can wait.

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