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    Video games based in the golden era

    Finally, after over a year of my whines MobyGames added the game group I suggested: Interwar setting http://www.mobygames.com/game-group/setting-interwar_ I've added about 90 titles myself, so there's plenty to choose from. Have fun browsing! Or suggest a new title (just please stick to the...
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    'Hollywood on river Vistula' or the Polish film industry before the war

    Couldn't find a thread like this one, so I decided to start a new one. Not enough Polish vintage stuff here at the Lounge! I just wonder... how many of you can tell me anything about cinema in Poland before the second world war? If some of you are thinking the lines "Wajda, Kieślowski...
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    help with imdb

    Managed to find some data about this lost movie and they accepted my entry. Found an interesting book about a recording company from that era - lots of missing data to fill regarding soundtracks.
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    Steampunk, Dieselpunk, etc.

    That thing on the top looks as if it was imprinting your brain waves :D * * * Another XIXc-style computer (I don't recall this being posted here?) http://www.joemonster.org/art/13872/Steampunkowy_komputer_z_zabytkowych_organow
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    Today we have the Katyn Victims Remembrance Day. Instead of rewriting other impersonal, objective articles about the mass murder (you can easily find them yourself, like here) I'd like to do something else and bring today just one of its victims. One of the bodies discovered belong to a...
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    Steampunk, Dieselpunk, etc.

    Recently I found this bizarre steampunk comic book. A mix of real historical figures, XIXc. book characters and late XIX/early XXc. steampunk contraptions! http://steampunk.republika.pl/piechur/machina.html http://steampunk.republika.pl/piechur/index.html There's a whole world to...
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    help with imdb

    unfinished/unreleased/lost movies Another thing that drew my attention are the unfinished/unreleased/lost movies. According to this imdb should accept the cases of: - a movie that was completed but not released, as the master copy burned in bombed studio - a movie where the principal...
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    DEATHS ; Notable Passings; The Thread to Pay Last Respects

    Ryszard Kaczorowski, 90, the last President of Poland in exile (when our gov. evacuated from Poland after the lost September 1939 campaign, it operated from France and then Britain, never recognizing the post-war commie regime, even though the rest of the world did so) died today in a plane...
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    Oldest person you ever knew?

    After visiting my Grandma Sophie today I can show you something: Bydgoszcz, Poland; the year must be ~1930, judging from my Grandma's age (that little kid that looks like my Mom in that age, sans glasses) - easy math: take 1925 and add her years on the photo ;) So my Great-grandmother has to be...
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    Vintage Computers

    I used to have a German-made Triumphator CRN1 (but where did I stash it? I just hope my family didn't get rid of it!) - it's from 1950s, but very similar to pre-WW2 arithmometers, don't you think? That grey one: http://www.rechenmaschinen-illustrated.com/Triumphator%20CRN1.htm...
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    How to merge old typewriters and new technology? I used one of these machines to create... a unique and authentic-looking font. I was given samples from this Continental portable (license-made by FK, Poland) Recently I've spotted a Mercedes brand (AFAIK not that Mercedes) in a newly...
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    From New York to New York - The flight of the Graf Zeppelin 1929

    Oh no, this thing is flying over my head now! (alright, technically not now, but some 80 years ago... but over my city, honest!) found here www.danzig-online.pl
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    A Collection Of Vintage Ads

    I feel like a kid in a candy store! Thanks - nice to have them tagged and sorted by period. Will learn more here than on my advertising history classes :D
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    Golden Era Aircraft

    I guess I know the guy who made it (Eric)... but I assure you, the real thing is way better: ;) Few more pics can be found in "walkaround" section (not my website, this guy was doing some extra graphics for my dead website) http://www.polish-aircraftprofile.strefa.pl
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    1934 BMW R7

    Laugh it up, but that R7 prototype looks as if it was made for Batman himself! At least this what first came to my mind... Fantastic design!
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    Color Photo's from the 30's and 40's

    Thanks, this is a fantastic resource! (yes, another aviation buff, but I enjoyed some trainspotting, too!)
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    Learning to Dance

    I hope you don't mind this little link: http://carolelombard.org/lets-dance-like-lombard What can I say, "Dancing with the Stars" 1935 edition?
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    help with imdb

    Thanks! But if you don't mind, I'll write it here as: A) I still need few more posts before I can send PMs B) it's nothing personal, any help is welcome C) others may perchance learn some 1930s trivia 1) "Stephot" (currently listed as person) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0827339/ was an...
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    help with imdb

    With so many members of the Lounge, I was wondering if I could find help here. Anyone contributing to imdb.com here? I have to admit I do submit things to online databases, such as Wikipedia - for example I feel my devotion to all things retro makes me obliged to share some...
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    Nivea Creme

    Somebody mentioned Nivea creme manufactured in Poland? They still make it in Poznań, like in the old days: Found on internet auction. Pre-WW2 tin. "Airman" brand, those aviators had to protect their skin (for the ladies!) in these open-cockpit planes!

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