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    PIKE BROTHERS N1 Deck Jacket - Waxed Olive Medium

    The N1 is now in the Great White North, and as described. Claybertrand is a solid guy to deal with.
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    Post Thedi Leather Jacket Photos Here........

    The /2 conversion bike. I had one with a /6 motor, and miss it often. Yours is lovely. Needs some peanut valve covers!
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Spotted this Langlitz on Vancouver Craigslist. $390 CAD, around $290 usd. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/clo/d/vancouver-langlitz-mens-leather-biker/7606958279.html
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    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Can anyone comment on the fit of an Aero Cafe Racer vs Ridley? Is the fit similar in cut and in sizing? I have one that fits well, and the other is for sale in a size up. Any info is helpful, thank you
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    Looking to Buy - Iron Heart N1 Deck Jacket Black Large

    I have a buzz rickson in a slim fitting large in khaki for sale if interested.
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    Looking to Buy - Iron Heart N1 Deck Jacket Black Large

    Not mine, no affiliation: https://store.rerides.ca/product/iron-heart-n1-deck-jacket-textile-jacket-31243/
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    1960s Langlitz Columbia 42

    Any pictures of the back? It it a drop back style?
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    Who makes the best N-1?

    I pored over these forums when I was N-1 shopping, and read a few comments on the Buzz vs RMC debate. I currently own a Buzz Rickson and a Realy McCoy's, and have had them for about 3 years now. With my two copies, there is no comparison. There's nothing wrong with my BR, but the quality and...
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    WTB: N1 deck jacket, size 40

    I have a navy blue Real McCoy's N-1. Purchased it while on vacation in Japan. Marked size 40. Good condition. Non-stenciled (No USN logos).
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    Spiewak N-1 Deck Jacket

    Selling a very nice Spiewak Golden Fleece N-1 Deck Jacket. Marked Size S Fits true to size. I'm a stocky medium and thought I could make this work, but cannot. Pit to pit 22" sleeve 25" opening 19 3/4" back length from bottom of collar 28.5" Made in USA. Waxed cotton finish in Olive Green...
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    Wanted- N-1 Deck Jacket Medium

    pm sent
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    Wanted- N-1 Deck Jacket Medium

    bump, still looking!
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    Wanted- N-1 Deck Jacket Medium

    Thanks Vince, PM sent.
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    Hi Vince, thanks for the reply. I'd love to see some pics and measurements of the deck jacket...

    Hi Vince, thanks for the reply. I'd love to see some pics and measurements of the deck jacket. Very interested. Joel jcoopers AT hotmail.com
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    Wanted- N-1 Deck Jacket Medium

    Hi fellas, I'm on the hunt for a nice N-1 Deck Jacket. I wear a medium in most jackets or a 38-40. Really liking the Real Mccoy's and BR versions, Pike, etc. Let me know what you have and your price. I'm in Canada. Thanks
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    There can only be one! Vanson Chopper vs Langlitz Cascade

    When you order a Langlitz with the padded shoulders and elbows, the diamond stitched pad is made from an extra layer of leather sewn to the jacket. It isn't so much the 'padding' that offers protection so much as it is the doubling up on the leather. It makes it super stiff and a bit bulky but...

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