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  1. Wire9Vintage

    Agony column?

    Also had a similar situation. Called both local hospitals to price a scan my doctor wanted. Went to the cheaper one. Got there, and they asked for THREE TIMES what my copay should have been. I was shocked, but also completely freaked out about the medical problem I was fearing. So I paid it. My...
  2. Wire9Vintage

    What was the last TV show you watched?

    I'm loving "Timeless."
  3. Wire9Vintage

    Ladies, what are your 2017 resolutions?

    Mine is to spend more time in these forums, get my home together, and fully embrace that "my era" is late 50s/early 60s. That's the style that suits me best, even though I still love all things 20s and 40s, the styles are just good not for my everyday. And I live in an early 50s house--so ...
  4. Wire9Vintage

    Ladies, what are you doing this evening?

    I stupidly bent down to pick up something behind my horse and he kicked me right in the eye--so I'm trying to relax as my eye swells up. It's not as bad as it could have been: 1) we don't put shoes on his back feet, 2) my glasses took the brunt of it--and aside from a good scratch, didn't break...
  5. Wire9Vintage

    Round 5 Beauty Box Thread!

    I did the beauty box here years ago--it was really wonderful!
  6. Wire9Vintage

    Ladies, what are you doing this evening?

    I cleaned the living room today, top to bottom. So tonight, my husband made deep dish pizza and I watched The African Queen on TV. Thinking about a bath...
  7. Wire9Vintage

    Ladies, what are you doing this evening?

    I have grading to do so... I just watched Timeless and am now looking around the lounge. Thinking about cleaning the bathroom. That's usually my go-to when there's grading waiting
  8. Wire9Vintage

    What Was The Last Radio Program You Heard?

    I'm loving The Magnificent Montague right now! A radio show in a radio show? Too funny
  9. Wire9Vintage

    The Man in the High Castle

    I watched it and liked it a lot. Now I need to read the book, understanding that it will be different. Anyone in New York seeing the rather disturbing advertising?
  10. Wire9Vintage

    This or That

    Ginger. Eve Arden or Shirley Booth?
  11. Wire9Vintage

    Evolution of Foundation Garments

  12. Wire9Vintage

    Show us your vintage knitting and crochet!

    Lovely work, Babydoll! I wish I could do work like that!
  13. Wire9Vintage

    Show us your weird and unusual stuff.

    Are you In these parts?? I was a tour guide at San Jose--I love the acequias something fierce. They may be ditches to the uninformed, but we know better!
  14. Wire9Vintage

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    I always liked the anti-blasphemy ones... My grandmother would always say "well for pity's sake." My husband's Irish grandfather was more fond of "Jakers!" --so when some years back an American PBS cartoon was on called "Jakers," my in-laws were appalled! They basically had this little...
  15. Wire9Vintage

    Sanitary Belts

    When I was a teenager in the 1980s, my mom and I spent some time taking care of my grandmother's oldest sister, born around 1895. She had a slight incontinence problem (this was before Depends being on every grocery store shelf!). My mother suggested a maxi pad. I'll never forget her aunt...
  16. Wire9Vintage

    Frozen in 1952

    Oh that kitchen! And everything else... What a meticulous home--just gorgeous!
  17. Wire9Vintage

    The Ultimate Vintage Movie Collectible

    Wow... There are no words!
  18. Wire9Vintage

    Diamonds in the Golden Era

    Don't forget the garnet. My grandmother, as well as several friends' grand and great grandmothers, all had garnet wedding rings. My grandmother did not have an engagement ring, which was also common among working class folks, just the garnet ring. Engagements did not tend to last long, so there...
  19. Wire9Vintage

    "Mad Men" on AMC (US) - (Spoilers Within)

    Did anyone else notice that, while Don basically looked/dressed/behaved the same from day one while everyone else around him moved with the times, in the last few episodes he had sideburns? That was no accident... It's a tiny change for Don, but a change nonetheless. So I see the ending as a...
  20. Wire9Vintage

    "Mad Men" on AMC (US) - (Spoilers Within)

    Don will always be the most important man in Peggy's life--even Stan encourages her to let him go. But as her mentor and work-father figure, she will always see him as the main role model--she is the one who tells him to come "home"--not Betty nor Sally, and Anna's niece reminds Don that they...

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