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    Period Films and Inaccuraces

    If you want to see tomahawk fighting, you should see Mel Gibson in "The Patriot"
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    Movies you wished you had never watched.

    Burn After Reading Brad Pitt's character was so annoying, I was glad he got shot in the face (oops maybe that was a spoiler). Luckily I won the tickets to see it from a radio station so it wasnt so bad
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    Tim Burton doing Dark Shadows in 2012...

    Dont forget Helena Bonham Carter
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    Or Scrabble
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    Anyone familiar with the series Jekyll?

    I saw a couple episodes on BBC America a few years ago. The actress who plays Dr Jackman's wife is on the TBS series Leveraged.
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    Get Smart and Sliding Doors

    The Orgasmatron from Woody Allen's "Sleeper"
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    A cranky moviegoer writes:

    I think one of the problems with casting actors like these, is that (no offense) they are too old to play in the type of movies that the Hollywood execs rightly or wrongly think America wants to watch. They seem to be falling short these days.
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    Indy! Look Out - That Whip is DANGEROUS!

    One thing I dont understand, towards the end of the Last Crusade when Indy, his father, and the others are captured by the Nazis, their weapons are naturally taken from them. Considering his skill with it, why was Indy allowed to keep his whip when he goes into to cave to find the Grail. He...
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    Cracked two-reeler parodies

    Have you tried Cracked mag's web site, I think its cracked.com. They might have old issues archived.
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    Farrelly brothers' "The Three Stooges"

    Great, some little kid is going to try to imitate the stunts, and the parents are going to sue. Or someone will complain about how violent it is.
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    Farrelly brothers' "The Three Stooges"

    Oh my God, redlight redlight
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    Booze Hound Tags? (Take me home, cabbie!)

    In this age of computers, printers, and Photoshop, you could easily make some.
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    The Great Gatsby - Remake in the Works

    I just saw on IMDB that there is an upcoming remake of Fright Night and Straw Dogs. Mommy, make it stop!
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    Vintage clothes in "Barb Wire" with Pamela Anderson

    We dont watch Pamela Anderson for her acting. nyuck nyuck
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    Noir-Inspired Photos

    Yes, Mommie Dearest
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    1980's classic "Arthur" gets a remake

    The 1980's comedy "Arthur" which starred Dudley Moore had been remade starring Russell Brand. I saw a photo from the new movie and it looks like Tim Burton must have had some kind of creative input. Brand's Arthur character looked like a goth Fred Astaire. Dudley Moore had a lovable charm that...
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    Scarcity of Roles for People of Color

    What about "Julia" starring Dianne Carrol. She played a widowed mother raising a son working as a nurse. I remember one episode dealt with her son being called the :"N word".
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    The World According to Jack Webb

    I remember one episode where Friday had to deal with a snotty acting kid and he told him "Your Momma has a loud bark"

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