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  1. JanSolo

    Gräfe & Spohr "Town and Country", Custom HH workboot, first sample pair, PICS:

    Hello everybody, here are some quick pics showing the very first finished pair of the long awaited "Town and Country" custom boot by Gräfe & Spohr. As some of you may already know the custom options for these are numerous, only the last, the 360 degrees welt, the general shape and height of...
  2. JanSolo

    Russet Goatskin: untouched and monkeyed with

    That's Aero's or Alexander's goat, right? It's straight veg tanned, so washing doesn't only take the clear aniline glazing off the top but also washes the tannage out of the leather. Vegetable tanning agents don't bond as permanently to skin fibres as chrome tanning salts do. Repeated washing of...
  3. JanSolo

    FS: Ultra rare Aero for Levi's Vintage Cl. "Thunderbird", Size 40, unworn, Chxl

    Gentle weekend bump! Still up for sale!!!
  4. JanSolo

    FS: Ultra rare Aero for Levi's Vintage Cl. "Thunderbird", Size 40, unworn, Chxl

    Hello everybody! Up for sale is an ultra rare LVC x Aeroleather collaboration from the late 90s called "Thunderbird". Aero made these by the end of the 90s/early 2000s for LVC. The original specs called for a heavily distressed look but due to high demand Aero also produced a non-aged...
  5. JanSolo

    Shell Cordovan Wallet, Color Whiskey, handmade, new

    The key features of the wallet: - Entirely handcrafted Shell Cordovan wallet...a " one of" - Super rare colour "Whiskey" - All 11(!) panels are made from Shell. The best parts of two shells were used. That's roughly 200 € worth of material - Main seam is handstitched using the two neddle and...
  6. JanSolo

    Shell Cordovan Wallet, Color Whiskey, handmade, new

    Hi everybody! I have this on german Ebay but I will ship worldwide with insured trackable courier. It's a lovely piece as you can see. Thanks for watching! http://www.ebay.de/itm/221434863305?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  7. JanSolo

    Alexander Leathers Leather?

    Yes, they can accomodate almost any of your wishes. You can even have an inside leather hem instead of corduroy. Call them!
  8. JanSolo

    Alpha jackets - Frankfurt, Germany

    As long as you are in Frankfurt: Make sure you visit "The Listener" on Stephanstraße 1. Great shop with a huge range of great products:
  9. JanSolo

    Alpha jackets - Frankfurt, Germany

    Alpha jackets in Europe are most likely a license product of a German company which are assembled to high specs in China. Usually the fit and manufacturing quality is better than on (current) American made Alphas. Same story with Schott...only difference is that the licensee is a manufacturer...
  10. JanSolo

    Famous People in Flight Jackets

    Robert Pattinson wearing a vintage Dubow or Perry (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
  11. JanSolo

    What are you wearing today??

    Hello Folks! For some reason I always hesitated to post here but for 2014 I will give it a try: Picture of Gancho and me in Hamburg, taken about 3 weeks ago: Gancho: - Alexander Leathers slim fit Arkansas, seal veg tanned goat - Lee poison green western shirt - JukeJive/ Göttmann brown...
  12. JanSolo

    My new Alexander Leather Arkansas in seal goat

    Wow, Gancho, I'm glad the pictures turned out so well. What can I say...great jacket, perfect fit and superb overall attire. Good you went with Will and Amanda's advice regarding the fit. To all forumers: I've handled the jacket in person and it really is a stunner. Janet really has some...
  13. JanSolo

    Scott Willis Service Belt for OFJ

    Hi Folks, recently had a chance to take a couple of pictures of the Service Belt Scott Willis created for Original Flightjackets, Germany. The belt is based on a 50s Alpine mountain infantry belt which in return is based on an Austrian service belt from WW 1. So the pattern is quite old but I...
  14. JanSolo

    The Magnificent Seven / The Sons of Katie Goodyear (Pic heavy)

    Thanks, again. Carlos, I'm glad you've managed to find that link. Yes, OFJ still sell the boot and I believe they still have a couple of sizes in stock. Otherwise Russell have the spec sheet for this custom model so it can be re-ordered. It was not a limited edition by OFJ...
  15. JanSolo

    The Magnificent Seven / The Sons of Katie Goodyear (Pic heavy)

    Thanks fellas, I wish I could say that I would start every day by choosing my "Belle de Jour" but in fact it's usually the combination of jacket and trousers that comes first after that all the other bits and pieces chime in automatically. As you can see all of the boots shown are either brown...
  16. JanSolo

    The Magnificent Seven / The Sons of Katie Goodyear (Pic heavy)

    Thanks, guys! I mainly use Elephant Leather Preserver, a fully synthetic fat which works great on all kinds of leathers (except cordovan). I never use a proper pigmented shoe polish...only neutral/clear shoe waxes for a light finish. Yes, I am! They are very well made and clearly a step up...
  17. JanSolo

    The Magnificent Seven / The Sons of Katie Goodyear (Pic heavy)

    Sorry for the title Folks! No, this thread does not belong in the silver screen section because I just wanted to show you a couple of my current shoes/boots. Now that autumn is moving in, the last boatshoe and loafer days are gone and it's time to get out the more substantial stuff. This is my...
  18. JanSolo

    Custom Russell Moccasin Boot in brown Horween CHXL from OFJ...Pic heavy

    Thanks guys!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to wear them around the shop. I just stepped into them for a moment and they felt very comfortable and soft due to the thick boot-like leather lining. The lining material Sascha requested is called Aquatan, a very soft and smooth, yet durable water...

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