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  1. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    a Thomas Hirt custom.
  2. M Brown

    Akubra Overload

    ^ this is what I have a Territory for. more brim!
  3. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    ^ I have a pair of Mahan boots that are now 40 years old and still kicking! Leather is so soft I can pull them on with one hand.
  4. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    Hot water works great. The hat in my avatar was reshaped with hot water. I pulled the wet felt cone over a wooden, open crown hat block, used a flat wooden spoon to form the brim/crown edge, stringed it, pressed the brim flat with a warm iron, and let it dry to approx 90%. Once it was almost...
  5. M Brown

    How do folks react to your hat wearing?

    A couple of weeks back a guy called out to me across the parking lot at the grocery store, "That's a good looking hat!" I called back, "Thanks! It's a Stetson !". That day I was wearing my Natural , Royal Deluxe Open Road, brims down. If I could only keep on hat, that would be the one.
  6. M Brown

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Coober Pedy
  7. M Brown

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Stetson Royal Deluxe Open Road, Natural.
  8. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    Thanks for the suggestions on stiffening products. I ended up getting a bottle of Kahl Hat Stiffener. And it works great! Also got a reply from the folks at Rand, in response to asking them what they suggested, and they recommended the same product. I gave the hat 3 applications with proper...
  9. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    My Rand 8x wide brim is starting to get a bit floppy. What's a good way to stiffen up the brim? Does hat stiffener work? or spray shellac? am open to ideas. I don't want it cardboard stiff like a western store hat though .
  10. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    yes, the season is here for lots of outdoor work before winter sets in. This Rand has become my #1.
  11. M Brown

    Hats in restaurants

    It's amazing that a thread about hats in restaurants could go on for 12 years. LOL
  12. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    I find the current day 6X and up Stetsons to be good hats. Fortunately the factory outlet store is in my area so I try to stop in at least a couple of times a year. I don't always leave with a hat but when I do it's a good find!
  13. M Brown

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    I have one ongoing gripe about auction site hat sellers...and that's when they put a tape measure across the hat's length and width to indicate size. argh!
  14. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    we finally got a break from the summer heat...a cold front moved in last night and it's 80 outside today. the downside to the good weather news is that the humidity is 77% right now. I may be pushing the edge of the envelope but may chance it and break out some felt today! Fall can't get...
  15. M Brown

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Who has had habanero/mango ice cream? it's pretty awesome
  16. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    The Four Points Silverbelly 20X Rand... Made a quick run to the local big box DIY store yesterday for some gardening supplies and, since the weather was tolerable for a change, thought I'd leave the baseball cap at home and wear this. In the garden center I heard a woman yell out "I LOVE...
  17. M Brown

    Western, anyone?

    what is this crease called? It's sort of a Double Gus...or a flattened Montana Peak ...
  18. M Brown

    Considering a Stetson Open Road, what pairs well with it?

    One of the best things about an Open Road is that it goes well with any attire.
  19. M Brown

    Akubra Territory - any thoughts on it?

    I have a Territory and a Snowy River and use to have a Cattleman. When I work outside during appropriate felt hat weather I always wear the Territory. I added a kangaroo leather stampede strap to mine and use it regularly. I sold the Cattleman since it was too narrow brimmed for me. If I...

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