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  1. J

    Johnny depp unfinished raw natural leather jacket from crock of gold.

    Pretty sure it is the Belstaff JD Blouson he wore for Public Enemies. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/belstaff-jd-blouson-leather-jacket-1692910132
  2. J

    D-Pocket leather jackets

    I like Lost Worlds Buco Rider.
  3. J

    New Aero website!

    I love the look of this jacket.
  4. J

    Contacting Logan's Closet

    His user name over there is THEMAN.
  5. J

    Natural - off white - bone leather

    No problem. I really like the color of that jacket. I think a cafe racer would look nice in natural. I wonder if Aero still offers it, as that is the only Aero I have ever seen in that color.
  6. J

    Natural - off white - bone leather

    There was a thread on an Aero Half Belt in Natural: http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?t=49400&highlight=natural+aero I didn't know Aero even had this color.
  7. J

    U.S. members here who purchased directly from Aero Scotland...

    I am assuming they would just mail you a notice or a bill.
  8. J

    New Member to FL ... hi all! + Vanson House Jacket (Model B)

    I really like the look of this jacket. The chest pockets especially.
  9. J

    Escape from NY HH 30's Motorcyle Jacket

  10. J

    Another eBay find... That I didn't buy.

    Honestly, that is exactly how I feel.
  11. J

    Another eBay find... That I didn't buy.

    I was watching that jacket too, but I am saving for some other things, so once it got that high, I gave up on it.
  12. J

    Armand Basi leather biker

    Actually Juan is just a nickname. My name is actually John and I am probably as gringo as they come.lol lol lol I probably would wear that jacket though.
  13. J

    Armand Basi leather biker

    I really like that ladder effect that the jacket has.
  14. J

    Staggeringly insulting vendors!

    That's hilarious.lol
  15. J

    Vanson Enfield

    I think you can get it, but it has to be specially ordered and may take a while. I know a few of the Vanson Wolverine jackets that Logan's Closet sells have popped up recently in horsehide.
  16. J

    FS Schott Leather Motorcycle Jacket 38

  17. J

    FS Schott Leather Motorcycle Jacket 38

    I am interested, but can't send private messages yet. Is there an email I could contact you at?

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