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    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    I was asked in a DM if the front zipper is still functional so I figured I'd post here as well. It is technically functional and will zip up, without issue, BUT if you go past the portion of the zipper without teeth, the zipper body/pull will come off. In the original photos above, the zipper...
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    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    Hi Roland, I appreciate the interest but as I said had originally stated, I really prefer to sell in the continental 48 states only. After having been caught in a few unfortunate situations in previous foregin/int'l sales, it's something I'd prefer to avoid. Not a reflection on you personally...
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    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    Apologies, I forgot to post the photo of the main zipper on the Sheene. It definitely needs a new main/front zipper as it's missing a few teeth.
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    Aero STF Bootlegger (42-New) & Aero Sheene (40-Used)

    Hi there, New member and first-time "poster" here but somewhat of a long-time lurker to TFL. I'd like to offer these here before posting up eBay to try and be a bit more of a productive member here as I'm not typically the type to post on internet forums. I have two items for sale, both...

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