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  1. tortswon

    Mulholland Falls Hatmaker

    I received an email today from Dave Brown of Rochester New York. Some time ago I posted that I believed the hats in Mulholland Falls were done by Art Fawcett. Apparently that was incorrect and Mr. Brown should have been credited. My apologies to Mr. Brown and the Lounge for the misinformation...
  2. tortswon

    FS: VS Blue Smoke 7 1/2

    I have seen this hat and it is beautiful! If it were my size, it wouldn't be here anymore. Plus you have a seller who is honest and reliable. Somebody buy this hat! And Merry Christmas!
  3. tortswon

    Box O' Bodies

    And I might be interested in the 7 1/2's and up. Please PM me. Best, Sam
  4. tortswon


    PM sent
  5. tortswon

    SOLD! SOLD! FOR SALE Borsalino "FEATHER WEIGHT" Punti 7, 7 5/8 or 61 cm.

    Nice Ande, good thing for you that you got to this before I did! Lucky @#$%^! Wear it well! Best, Sam
  6. tortswon

    Post New Hats Here!

    Thanks for the info Lefty! I'll post pictures when it arrives and see if there is any additional information inside the sweat, etc. And welcome Mav! Best, Sam
  7. tortswon

    Post New Hats Here!

    Hardeman I just picked this up on eBay for $45.00 before anyone placed a bid. Never have seen a Hardeman in person but now I own one. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110483016385&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Can some one please tell me something about this brand and/or...
  8. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    How is it truth if it cannot be proven? Best, Sam
  9. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    David, I like your photos. Since I ride the circuit here in Pennsylvania, I think I'll join you in posting some of our Courthouses. Good job! Best, Sam
  10. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    Happy New Year, Tutt! Mrs. Torts and I will be enjoying a bottle of 1972 Corton Bressandes with friends this evening. Our main dish will be capon two ways, a dish I have not prepared in nearly 20 years. Let's hope 2010 outshines 2009 in every way! Best, Sam
  11. tortswon

    Merry Christmas from here to there

    In my ongoing effort to bring world peace by getting every human being drunk as a skunk, I am pleased to present George Washington's egg nog recipe: http://cooking.cdkitchen.com/TheCompetentCook/195.html I make this recipe annually on New Year's Day and invite my neighbors to partake. I...
  12. tortswon

    Merry Christmas from here to there

    Tutt, I'm jealous! Merry Christmas from Philadelphia where we had a record breaking 23.2 inches of snow last weekend. We're still shoveling! As far as pictures, just find a blank piece of paper and stare at it! Merry Christmas! Best, Sam
  13. tortswon

    DEATHS ; Notable Passings; The Thread to Pay Last Respects

    Arnold Stang It is with sadness that I report the death of Arnold Stang at age 91. He is best remembered as the voice of Top Cat. RIP Arnold
  14. tortswon

    Granite Gray Optimo porkpie

    PM sent
  15. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    Tutt, part of the resolution of the matter was my signing a total confidentiality agreement that was all inclusive so I cannot talk about the trial. I have not even discussed it with Mrs. Tortswon. As for wine and food, I will have some recommendations and pictures soon, I promise. Best, Sam
  16. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    Sorry to have been absent so long fellow bar-risters. Duty called and I answered the call of a month long trial. I am back now, a bit exhausted but ready to return to the world. Best, Sam
  17. tortswon

    Anyone else drink Lophraig?

    I particularly enjoy Laphroaig while sitting at the sushi bar. I take a sip to refresh my palate occasionally. Sake is wonderful within a course. Between courses, a bit of Laphroaig tastes wonderful. I think it is the iodine quality of Laphroaig that makes it so wonderful in that context. No...
  18. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    Bella, congratulations on passing the bar exam. I still remember the day I got the notice over thirty years ago. The Secretary of the Board of Bar Examiners (not the clerical one, the real one), lived in the same apartment building in which I lived. She knew I had passed but did not tell me. On...
  19. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    Welcome aboard, Doug. Join the chat and egale us with tales of the Lone Star state. Best, Sam
  20. tortswon

    Attorneys and Barristers of the Lounge

    Melbourne Cup Day! Is that another excuse to get drunk and wear good hats? If so, COUNT ME IN!!!!!! Nice Dobbs Tutt. Break out the good Shiraz. No plonk wearing a lid like that. For myself, I am about to embark on a five course truffle dinner (first truffles of the year). We will be sampling 16...

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