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  1. adouglasmhor

    The general decline in standards today

    Not so, All Israeli Jews (but there are a few exemptions for some), All Israeli Druze men (except inner circle clergy) and Circassian must serve but there are border police, prison, police posts that are non military. Israeli Bedouin and Israeli Christian Arabs are automatically exempted too...
  2. adouglasmhor

    The general decline in standards today

    A dear friend of mine was an officer in the IDF and trained many women soldiers. They saw it as their duty to thier country. Before she joined the IDF she was a military nurse in the British forces and served with distinction in the Falklands fixing up injured soldiers. Do you think her...
  3. adouglasmhor

    Dialects/Accents in the Movies

    The Python sketch was a cover. This is the Original http://www.healthcenterpro.info/play/DAtSw3daGoo/AT_LAST_THE_1948_SHOW_-_Brooke-Taylor%252C_Chapman%252C_Cleese%252C_Feldman_-_Four_Yorkshiremen.html
  4. adouglasmhor

    Dita Von Teese

    My OH fainted while in a corset then fainted again and got one of the loops caught on a door handle. I only managed to loosen it the second time while she was still out of it.
  5. adouglasmhor

    Happy Drunk/Mean Drunk

    Veer between a joke making drunk and a sleepy drunk, bouncers hate nothing on earth more than a sleepy drunk.
  6. adouglasmhor

    The Good News Thread

    In England and Wales, "lawyer" is used loosely to refer to a broad variety of law-trained persons. It includes practitioners such as barristers, solicitors, legal executives and licensed conveyancers, ; and people who are involved with the law but do not practise it on behalf of individual...
  7. adouglasmhor

    WTB: formal black bow tie

    About the satin/crossgrain thing i have a satin thistle shaped which gets worn with my satin shawl collar one button, a crossgrain diamond shaped which I wear with my crossgrain peaked DB suit and a taffeta silk one I wear with either. No one comments either way other than surprise it is a self tie.
  8. adouglasmhor

    Corbin Blazer

  9. adouglasmhor

    this is a question for the men

    I'm a civil engineer working on dam design for the countries expanding agricultural water demand and need for flood control.
  10. adouglasmhor

    Cologne and perfume

    Corduroy by Zirh or anything by Dolma Or some of Marks and Spencer's stuff. But more often I smell of Or
  11. adouglasmhor

    Have an interview Monday-dress question?

    Depends on the brown, dark brown or reddish brown is fine, light tan not so much (looks a bit to casual), brown shoes go fine with a grey suit IMO.
  12. adouglasmhor

    Wedding Dress Kept in Family for 127 Years

    The other day on this site I saw an old catalog picture with a tux with pocket flaps from the 20s I think. Everything comes around again. Found it http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?55905-J.L.-Taylor-men-s-fashion-catalog-1927 more than one with pocket flaps.
  13. adouglasmhor

    Military experiences.

    British Army Royal Corps of Signals 1984-1991, Telegraphist and stores accountant by trade. Yorkshire for Basic and trade Germany for cold war drunkenness and endless manouvres Belize short attachment Cyprus short tour Northern Ireland - you can guess so I will spare the war stories
  14. adouglasmhor

    Wedding Dress Kept in Family for 127 Years

    You won't hear a peep of dissent from me. The dress is stunning though.
  15. adouglasmhor

    Wedding Dress Kept in Family for 127 Years

    I have seen Frock Coats, tailcoats, Prince Edward suits, and Nehru suits hired or sold as "special" tuxedos.
  16. adouglasmhor

    Wedding Dress Kept in Family for 127 Years

    I can't believe her Groom wore a white tie with a tux, is he a waiter and that's his working clothes?
  17. adouglasmhor

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    My friend moved a few years ago into a nice tenement flat in Glasgow - the bathroom had a 70s Tomato soup coloured bathroom suite.
  18. adouglasmhor

    the morning routine

    Alarm goes of at 6AM, up slippers and dressing gown, down stairs, wash, shave brush teeth and other ablutions. Put on my boxers and an undershirt if it's winter. Wash last nights dishes, iron a shirt if I don't have one ready and hang up any washing from the machine (run it at night when we get...
  19. adouglasmhor

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Thin Man
  20. adouglasmhor

    Any Info on This Odd Knox Low Topper?

    I have a similar hat by Huckel in Rabbit (and its hairy). But mine has a slightly more rounded crown and is a Hasidic hat.

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