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  1. RMF308

    Aero Bootlegger Premier, Size 40

    This one is still available. Reduced to $425 + shipping. PP+3% or non-fee payment ok. Thanks.
  2. RMF308

    Aero Premier 1930’s Half-belt size 40

    This one is Sold. Thanks.
  3. RMF308

    Aero Premier 1930’s Half-belt size 40

    Waist is 21’ across measured at the front bottom hem.
  4. RMF308

    Aero Premier 1930’s Half-belt size 40

    I have a Aero Premier 1930’s Half-belt in Dark Brown Vinceza horse hide. Size 40. This is the second jacket of two Aeros that I’m selling as I just have too many jacket in my rotation. Purchased new from Carrie@Thurston leather. This one has some wear edges (mostly on front zipper area)...
  5. RMF308

    Aero Bootlegger Premier, Size 40

    I have an Aero Bootlegger which I ordered from Carrie@Thurston a few years ago. Just have too many jackets in my rotation so selling a few here. This one has been worn infrequently, started to show wear on a few edges, and creasing on the sleeves. 450 usd+ shipping. PP+3% or a non-fee payment...
  6. RMF308

    Untucked shirts? Brands to recommend

    Gitman weekend shirts- made to order and expensive but some of the best US made shirts availabl. https://www.gitman.com/
  7. RMF308

    Custom Langlitz experiences?

    Today I received my custom Langlitz Timberline (straight front zip, Cossack collar) in black goat with brown thread. It came out perfect! I ordered it last April and was fortunate to have the opportunity to stop by the store and get measured in person. Overall it was a great experience, they...
  8. RMF308

    Show your Langlitz

    @Canuck Panda Congratulations.. that Cascade looks and fits superbly! It’s difficult to tell in your pics if this is black or blue , and what color the contrasting thread color is? What were the custom details in your order? I just was at their shop a couple weeks ago and was measured up for...
  9. RMF308

    Langlitz Leathers Death's Head Cascade

    @red devil Really great looking Deathhead Cascade…Congrats! I was actually visiting Portland a couple days ago and went to the shop and had Scott measure me up for a Custom Timberline in goat/center zip (wait time is running 10 months now). Visiting the Langlitz shop in person is really the...
  10. RMF308

    Brand New Aero Pre-War RAF Jacket Size 40

    Sent you a message
  11. RMF308

    For Sale Buzz Rickson Lion Uniform MA-1 Size M

    Thanks, as per our PM exchange, I’ll take it. Payment sent.
  12. RMF308

    Buzz Rickson US Army Tanker, 2nd model 1942

    This one is sold
  13. RMF308

    Buzz Rickson US Army Tanker, 2nd model 1942

    I have a like-new Buzz Rickson Tanker, 1942 2nd model with tags in size 40R. Worn once or twice and now its just sitting in storage as it’s a little large for me (these jackets run large). $275 +shipping. PP+3% or PP F&F Chest width 24” Shoulder width 18.75” Arm Length 24.5” Back length 24.5”
  14. RMF308

    Aeroleathers Coastal Command Jacket

    @MrProper, thanks for the quick reply. I would have thought the opposite and ‘sized up’ from my measured chest size. Thanks!
  15. RMF308

    Aeroleathers Coastal Command Jacket

    Congratulations and great pics showing off the Costal Command jacket. Couple questions if you don’t mind; for sizing you mentioned that you bought a size 42, what is your chest measurement for a sizing reference? Also for the thickness of the fur, did you specify that you wanted it thinner...
  16. RMF308

    Role Club horsehide engineer boots

    Added shoe *size reference above. Still available. Thanks
  17. RMF308

    Role Club horsehide engineer boots

    **Sold** I have a new pair of hand-made Role Club Engineer boots that ‘Brian the Bootmaker’ made for me. These are Brown CXL Horsehide in size 27.5. Boots are 10” tall, 4/5oz hide with a Woodsmans stacked heel. I ordered these a few years ago, waited about a year for delivery and once I got...
  18. RMF308

    Maltese Falcon

    You are going to absolutely love it, the custom ordered one pictured here is actually mine (received it about a week ago). .

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