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    Is this a Buco J-82 or J-24?

    Thanks to everyone for chiming in. For those curious, what got me the jacket was incessantly calling the owner by phone. I found his business number. Anyhow, it's quite snug on me (I'm commonly a 40 and this is snug at 42) and I've never thought I looked right in a biker jacket. I chiefly...
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    Is this a Buco J-82 or J-24?

    Haha-what a fool. Who says I'm looking to "scalp" it? I don't know the exact model, and that means I'm assuredly "scalping" it. Ill-advised and envious, and thus sad.
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    Is this a Buco J-82 or J-24?

    Posting in the hope that someone can tell me precisely what kind of Buco jacket I have. Was told by a few folks that it was a J-24, and then a few others the J-82. I'm leaning towards a '58 J-24. https://ibb.co/35xWDrF][/url] https://ibb.co/Qv5TRB9][/url] https://ibb.co/zZr0RGg][/url]

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