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  1. Ace Rimmer

    A Message From Aero Leather USA

    Yes, I was one of those guys as well. A new Aero Highwayman shipped to your door (including customs fees) for $440? Can't beat that price anywhere. I got my jacket from Aero after about six months of waiting, so no harm done.
  2. Ace Rimmer

    Johnson vs. Vanson: Which has the best style, ventilation, and armor protection?

    I have a Johnson M-200 and three Vansons. I am not sure if Johnson uses their naked cowhide on their racing jackets but IMO the Vanson competition weight leather appears much thicker and more durable than Johnson's naked cowhide. The Johnson leather is high quality but IMO the finish and...
  3. Ace Rimmer

    Special Hangers for Heavy/Expensive Leather Jackets?

    I just took a tape measure to a hanger. They are approximately 17.0-17.5" from end to end (measured straight across, not along the contour of the hanger).
  4. Ace Rimmer

    Any owners of Aeros midweight horse?

    Griff, I only have one medium weight Aero but unfortunately no chest pockets. I don't know if these pics will give you any information. My jacket has map pockets and they don't really show through (IMO). Perhaps the close-up of the jetted handwarmer pocket can help...
  5. Ace Rimmer

    Special Hangers for Heavy/Expensive Leather Jackets?

    I don't have the luxury of enough closet floor space to pile up my leather jackets so I use these HCD wide shoulder wooden hangers that are available from Amazon for around $7 apiece (shipped free if you have Amazon Prime). Good thing too, as the other day I discovered a puddle of water on the...
  6. Ace Rimmer

    Wie schwer ist Eure heavy FQHH?

    Hmm, never really thought about it myself. So I broke out the luggage scale and: Aero FQHH Highwayman, size 40: 4.3 lbs Aero med wt horse Veste de Rallye, size 40: 5.4 lbs Johnson Leather naked cow M-200 (very similar to the Highwayman) size 40: 4.4 lbs Frankly I thought the Highwayman...
  7. Ace Rimmer

    Original liquor offered with flavoring agents.

    Krispy Kreme donuts are not good breakfast food? :eeek::D I have the following bottles in my collection: - Feckin Spiced Whiskey; and - Spicebox Canadian Whisky I've yet to open the bottle of Spicebox but I tried some of the Feckin whiskey and was not impressed. Feckin is basically...
  8. Ace Rimmer

    Schott Tracker Horsehide MC Jacket

    Argh, I wish I had seen this thread two days ago, as I was in a Schott dealer near Penn Station in Manhattan on Saturday and saw that very jacket hanging on the wall. I didn't ask to see it as my companion was interested in another style of Schott jacket. Hope you love your new jacket; I do...
  9. Ace Rimmer

    JACKET - TRACKIT (For members burning to get their ordered jacket on their back)

    I don't know why the board won't let me edit my post on page 5. My Veste de Rallye is back in my hands after being sent to Aero for modifications; it was delivered today. Total time from dispatch (August 1) to receipt (Nov 23) was just under four months. They did a great job and it came back...
  10. Ace Rimmer

    Your Aero horsehide comes from...

    Yep. You may recall Boxer (a horse) from "Animal Farm" was sent to the glue factory despite the exhortations of Squealer (one of the pigs) to the contrary. Some animals are more equal than others. [huh] (Is this apropos of the US law on horsehide?)
  11. Ace Rimmer

    Aero Highwayman Style, Married Man on a Budget Price

    Can't go wrong with the Aero if you are willing to wait. I recall seeing that Mark may have delayed the pending price increase on Aero jackets so if you act soon you might be able to get a Highwayman at the old price of $850 + $50 shipping (no customs charge). Best of luck! Edit: I was...
  12. Ace Rimmer

    Aero Highwayman Style, Married Man on a Budget Price

    Base price on the Johnson Leather M-200 is $446. I do not own any Johnson gear but I have read some very positive reviews here (jack miranda?) on their products. They are based out of California, specifically San Francisco. I am hoping to visit their store in the next few years as I have...
  13. Ace Rimmer

    JACKET - TRACKIT (For members burning to get their ordered jacket on their back)

    I have not heard good things about Vanson in their post-bankruptcy days. I want to order another jacket from them but I suspect I will not have much luck given current reports. My new strategy is to call them a few weeks before the International Motorcycle Show (which will come to New York...
  14. Ace Rimmer

    Leather Motorcycle jacket recommendations

    Amen. People driving while distracted are a serious threat to everyone on the road, and motorcyclists don't have the benefit of airbags or a metal cage to protect them. I am between bikes but when I was riding I was a commuter. I was not a guy who just rode "bar to bar" on weekends. As...
  15. Ace Rimmer

    Leather Motorcycle jacket recommendations

    I will second the guys who are espousing the AGATT (all gear, all the time) route when choosing a motorcycle jacket. There are times for style but then there are times when safety is paramount. Riding without proper safety gear is a recipe for disaster. IMO you need the following: 1. Armor...
  16. Ace Rimmer

    Is that me or...

    CDN$200? :eeek: Fortunately I've not been hit by US Customs yet. Then again, perhaps that is one of the benefits of ordering through Aero USA; allegedly they handle all the Customs paperwork for you.
  17. Ace Rimmer

    Aeroleather Longhalfbelt, FQHH Cordovan wanted

    I seem to recall our good buddy Lear has an Aero Veste de Rallye in Cordovan as well. Might want to search for his posts to see if his pics are still up.
  18. Ace Rimmer

    Just ordered my first Aero!!!

    ^^ Ian, that jacket looks great. Boxy and stiff leather is par for the course on a new Aero; your jacket should soften with use and the drape will improve as a result.
  19. Ace Rimmer

    The First Step BEFORE Buying Another Leather Jacket - Good Luck!

    If one already has a substantial collection of jackets wouldn't it be easier (if not sneakier) to buy another jacket without permission and then say "oh, I've had that one for years" when questioned? It works for guns, maybe it works for jackets. :D
  20. Ace Rimmer

    How do loungers deal with extreme cold weather?

    I only wish that Mother Nature wouldn't invoke Murphy's Law with such frequency, otherwise I would heartily agree with you. :( I recall a fall trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire about four years ago when my party started out from base with bright blue skies and warm weather. By...

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