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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Boeing B-3 by Schott. It must be a version of the 257S. Very nice jacket, but not an accurate repro of the B-3 jacket. Schott is more about fit and comfort then about exact reproduction (B-3, ANJ-4, A2, G1, etc).
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    Simmons Bilt jacket advice

    I have a Havana CXL steer Roadster, and it's a great jacket. One detail is that the #5 Talon zipper isn't quite sturdy, but on the other hand it's almost completely tucked in. It's cut like a Levi's Trucker, I don't use the side adjustments though. The similar Schott 689H is very fitted, ie.
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    Before getting an Aero Board Racer - things to consider.

    I would definitely go with this one: Photo credits: Thurston Brothers
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Aero M422a
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    New Aero Stockist in Canada!

    Will definitely consider that option for some jackets that would like to buy (A2, Irvin, two-tone J106, Buco J100).
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    Is Alpaca itchy?

    I'm quite allergic to alpaca wool, vicuña is as worm and much softer, unfortunately it became ridiculously expensive over time. Even the Lochcarron wool from my SB Roadster bothers me sometimes, thought. That being said, maybe Aero sources higher quality alpaca, so the best would be to try a...
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    A-2 ideas

    With second hand there's something that I don't feel comfortable wearing second hand jackets, not sure why. From what I have read, Eastman and Goodwear make very accurate repro's. Aero must be good too.
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    A-2 ideas

    Very interesting, didn't hear before about that brand. It should be very well made, since it's from the US. Just wondering how the leather compares with UK based producers. In the video it looks quite nice, tbh.
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    A-2 ideas

    One of the styles that I should have is the A-2 jacket. Some of the options are: - Aero 42-18775-P in seal with rusty knits and stitching, I think the combination looks quite well. Not sure if they use the same goat as in the M422a, was blown away the first time I saw that leather. Vicenza is...
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    As of last, I'm wearing a Schott Easy Rider almost all the time. Love that jacket.
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    Bespoke Simmons Bilt

    I wear #40 suits, and have a #42 Roadster, which looks identical to the Highwayman. However, the Roadster fits me fine, but it could be even better with 1 extra inch in the chest and 1" less in the waist. I think, the 42 HWM runs huge for me, the equivalent would perhaps be #36 HWM, which makes...
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    Schott 600 Leather Jeans

    Any idea of the sizing on this ones? Or should I go for Aero instead?
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    FS: Schott Easy Rider 44

    Too bad it's not a #40 . . .
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    Aero highwayman and Simmons bilt roadster

    The 1930's HWM look somewhat different, but yes I have read it's more fitted than the standard HWM.
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    Aero highwayman and Simmons bilt roadster

    I have an Roadster, it's wool lined and steer CXL. I would say it's not particularly warm, because it's cut loosely in the waist area, similar in cut to the Levi's Trucker jacket. It does have storm cuffs though, and adjustable waist but I don't like to fit it there. About the FQHH, it's s less...
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    How many jackets have you owned?

    I should have around 20 leather jackets, well nothing too fancy. Would really like 3-4 more styles. Still missing a café racer with racing stripes, also the Irvin and A-2 repros
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    Highwayman fit jacket pics -- looking for feedback.

    Would say it's around 2 sizes too big in the body, 2" inches too long in the back and 1" too long in the sleeves.
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    New Aero A-2 42-18775-P

    The 42-18775-P contract is one of best, the dark seal leather with rust knits looks absolutely great. Tbh, I initially thought it's the Vicenza leather. It's a great surprise how good is Aero's jerky hh. Great information, I have finally seen what A-2 repro I need. :D
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    ALL ORIGINAL Irvin RAF type Jackets - Loving that Wolf in sheeps' clothing!

    Oops, I really missed the thread here. To be honest, didn't notice there are two different threads dedicated to the iconic Irvin jacket. Thanks for the information Sloan. Irvin's are my favourite sheepskin jacket, those have some classy looks to them. Not sure about wearing a longer then jacket...
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    ALL ORIGINAL Irvin RAF type Jackets - Loving that Wolf in sheeps' clothing!

    Was looking to buy an Eastman Irvin, but I found some offers from Aero, and would like to ask if an 42 Irvin with 26" sleeves and 24.5" back would fit well? I usually wear 40, chest 40.5", shoulders around 18", sleeves 25.5", waist 38", height 6'0". Anyone has any idea if Aero Irvin's run...

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