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    Dressing quickly in an emergency...

    You want real fun? Try doing this silently while standing in a closet. :D :D :D
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    movie hats that inspired you...

    :offtopic: I actually saw Dr. West speak not long ago. His lecturing style has been described as "machine gun" in nature. MAN, NO DOUBT! If he wasn't rapidly referencing Heideggar, he was busting out Sartre, if it wasn't Sartre it was John Coltrane, if not Coltrane he was referencing...
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    Did you attend a college or university?

    A prof of mine used to say that an undergrad degree generally proves to employers that you are "capable of sitting in one place for a really long time" so there is an element of determination involved there. For the vast majority of students I think he was right. For some however, the BA/BS...
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    Did you attend a college or university?

    Do the other editors/staff-writers have degrees? What percentage? Can your children look forward to being denied higher ed in the hope that they become WSJ opinion page editors? :D :D :D
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    The Adventurer's Gear Thread

    Seems the "don't ask...don't tell" policy was applied in the Air Cav even then. :) I'm reluctant to comment on Freddy's potential uses for the spurs. :D :D
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    The Adventurer's Gear Thread

    OK.... Given the below, what was the original shape of the campaign hat??? http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=9804E5D91239E733A25757C2A9679C946197D6CF&oref=slogin [huh] [huh] [huh]
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    Trip to Egypt in April 2008 - Felt or straw?

    edited: Nevermind....I don't want to get the bartender's underwear in a wad over this.
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    Trip to Egypt in April 2008 - Felt or straw?

    Take the straw! Harrison Ford was right. As someone who has spent more than a bit of time in the region I can say that (as a westerner) I would NEVER wear a felt hat anywhere near Luxor or Aswan in any month before November or after February. This may sound odd but Hawass perceives heat...
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    Pipe Smoking

    Given that you use the present tense above, might I ask where you find this? Rare commodity these days. PM me if you wish to keep your source relatively secret. Thanks, eightbore
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    Did you attend a college or university?

    Consider the source. To justify the cost of higher ed, the WSJ would just as soon have everyone major in Accounting because Plato, Wittgenstein, and Sartre just arent "profitable". As a true test of the WSJ perspective, I'd love to know how they screen new hires or what the educational levels...
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    Custom-made shoes

    Russell will custom measure you, of course, and they aren't too far from you in the grand scheme of things. Given that this is a permanent issue and they keep your data on file for something like a decade, it might be worth a cheap flight. The flight plus three pairs of custom shoes will be...
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    For you Indie fans

    Two problems with these...1) they have the silly locking system 2) they have a transfer bar "safety" system rather than the firing pin on the hammer. I'd much rather pay half the price for an original without these much despised improvements. JMHO eightbore
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    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    I liked the movie quite a lot but could have done without the "Ken Burns" style narration. :(
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    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....Pilgrim" :D :D :D
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    Two roads diverged in a wood..

    Graduate programs put love to the test (particularly the first year of study)...but if you talk to people who had their relationship survive doctoral work, they will tell you it was the absolute best time for them. Academic hardship can bring you together if you are prepared to see just how...
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    How we dress and what we drive

    Wow... Nice to see your skills are improving. :eusa_clap :D ;) :D Seriously, I like your car too. My first ride was a 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (289ci 4 bbl carb) in basically that same color. I think the doors alone had more heft to them than any complete car made since 1980...
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    How we dress and what we drive

    YES ! While the car you drive says almost nothing about you, one's ability to effectively put it between a pair of white lines says a lot. :D :D :D
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    How we dress and what we drive

    Amen! I like cars as much as the next person but I honestly don't see them as a reflection of my personality...or pretty much anyone else's for that matter, except to the degree that some cars MIGHT highlight the degree to which people are victims of commodity fetishism (eg. the silly SUV trend...
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    My Thanks ...

    And I was not trying to be harsh either. I can see maintaining a certain amount of civility for the sake of kids but I can't see "hanging out" for the sake of the kids. Better to present to them the image of two VERY decisive people than two people who insist on making each other miserable or...
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    The Adventurer's Gear Thread

    In African lore, there is certainly Bell but there is also Baker. Some like Bell's finesse but others (myself included) wholeheartedly appreciate Samuel White Baker's willingness to stomp about multiple continents with a 9kg four bore rifle loaded with 14 (or sometimes more) drams of black...

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