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    My new Rolleicord

    It isn't illegal ...to dump chemicals down the sink (at least, not yet) but it may be a bad idea, depending on what kind of disposal you have. Some darkroom chemicals, especially the highly acidic stop bath typically used, are incompatible with septic tanks. Essentially, they kill the organisms...
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    The death of craftsmanship in America

    JPDesign said, "ok, so deserve may be the wrong word. If some one wants the benefits of my talents, in buying one of my hats, they will have to pay something for them." That's eminently reasonable. I'd drink to it -- if I had a drink handy.
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    '30s Suit, Goodbye!

    That is a beautiful suit Wish I could wear it. I'm relatively new to the actual vintage thing -- as opposed to vintage inspired -- and I'm getting frustrated with the lack of things that fit me. 42-43L jacket, 34" inseam pant, 7 1/2 noggin: Seems I'm generally out of luck. I know other people...
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    How to Pull Off a Look

    Once again I find myself in agreement... ... with the good Baron. Perhaps the greatest lesson I've learned concerning dress and other matters sartorial is that if you're trying, you're trying too hard. Since you're here at the FL, chances are you have inclinations toward gentlemanly attire...
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    Now All I Need Is a Tommy Gun

    Actually, Anybody with a hookup is welcome to PM me about that kind of deal:rolleyes:
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    Flower in the Lapel

    "Doc" -- I love black roses. I hardly ever see them, and most people don't believe they exist. I've gotten countless funny looks from florists concerning my requests for those things.
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    Flower in the Lapel

    Like Baron Kurtz... ...I prefer something small, understated and classic. I can't see that a tiny ivory rose would be offensive, however. My favorites are cornflowers, which you can see here: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/wildseed/cornflower.html It's particularly appropriate for...
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    Surviving the '50s, '60s...

    Indeed I do... ...remember those metal lunch boxes. I have a scar on my bottom lip from where my sister belted me with one. And no, I wasn't a bully. She got mad, hauled off and whacked me a good one with the box, and started screaming when my bottom teeth poked through a new, extraneous hole...
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    Slightly Sinister Children of the Golden Era

    Oddly, perhaps, some of the stuff in that Interior Desecrations site reminds me of photographer/installation artist Sandy Skoglund's work. Here's one, for example: http://www.batguano.com/bgma/skoglund.html
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    Slightly Sinister Children of the Golden Era

    Ah, Lincsong... ...but did you have a croquet putting green in the living room/barbecue pit?
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    Can you wear your hat in YOUR vehicle?

    I wear... ...a helmet on my motorcycle. Does that count?;) I've tried a fedora, but the wind blows it off.
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    Slightly Sinister Children of the Golden Era

    I had to study advertising... ...in journalism school, and there were entire books dedicated to the unrealistic manner in which black folks were treated in the 30s-50s in advertising. They called it racist. If it's racist to depict a small black boy eating a slice of watermelon (one example...
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    Best quotes - Merged thread - Keep it Clean! No dashes! No Symbols!

    I'm glad you restarted this thing! I somehow had missed this thread. My favorites mostly come from Ambrose Bierce in The Devil's Dictionary: "Belladonna, n. -- In Italian a beautiful lady; in English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues." and...
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    Make sure the fit is right !!

    actually... ...I think the 42 looks great on you. If you went two inches smaller in the chest, it looks like it would start pulling too much across the shoulders. Just my two cents.
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    Multiculturalism in 1940

    Beautiful I like the first two best. I have a weakness for parades, maybe. You can see the Kress store sign in the first pair: There is a Kress building (now used for other businesses) right up the street from where I live in downtown Columbia, SC. I had never seen that particular chain of...
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    Favorite everyday watch

    Just purchased... ...a Hamilton Khaki watch: Black face, tan canvas band. It may very well replace my Citizen as my beating around watch. The silver bracelet on the Citizen is too bling-y for my tastes, and most of what I wear is tan and black. Besides, I hear Hamilton makes some decent watches;) .
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    Gotcha I'll pass on the Swayze "Mines," then. There are too many good classic movies I haven't seen to waste my time watching dreck. I just looked at my Netflix "coming attractions" list and I'm pleased to see that about half of the 30-odd movies on it are things suggested by FL-ers...
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    Was out and about today,...hit my favorite estate sale store,....and scored this.

    I recently purchased... ...a projector, newer than that one, and went to the 'Bay to look for films. If you're interested in cartoons -- as I am -- you're in luck. I haven't looked in the past few months, but six months to a year ago they were fairly prevalent. The portions of old projectors...
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    Renor27: There's a thread of clothing/accessories lists... ...that may be what you're looking for here: http://www.thefedoralounge.net/showthread.php?t=2340&highlight=adventure Since you mentioned the "well-dressed gentleman" going to Kenya or what-have-you, I assume clothing is part of...
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    1936 RAF Flying Boots (pics)

    Very cool Love the boots. I think I need to get some! I think I've seen a couple of photos of 50s-60s era bikers wearing boots like that, with the sheepskin-lined top folded over to make a sort of upside-down cuff, with jeans tucked in. Now, these would be Brit bikers -- Triumphs and BSAs...

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