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    Best books on flying in WWII

    Lots of fighter memoirs here-not too many about the bomber boys. If I may:- All of Jack Currie's, but particularly 'Lancaster Target', one of my favorites about the RAF Bomber war, and one of the funniest. John Comer's 'Combat crew'. Thomas Childers 'Wings of Morning', the last crew to...
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    Aviation art

    Fantastic stuff. My favourite aviation artists are Nick Trudgian (who taught me at college for a while!), Robert Taylor, Keith Ferris, Gil Cohen and Charles J. Thompson. Wish I was that good! MB-17
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    Good wartime reads....

    I defintely agree with the recommendation of Derek Robinson's books, not just just 'Piece of Cake' but his other novels are excellent too, 'A Good Clean Fight' is about the Desert Air Force and includes several characters from 'Piece of Cake', and also includes the SAS as well. Len Deighton's...
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    The B-3 appreciation society …

    Real McCoys, New Zealand. Currently knocking out some of the best repro flight jackets around if what I've read recently is to be believed-a lot of guys I know have them and speak very highly of them, though I've yet to nab one myself. Here's their frankly lousy website, don't be put off, their...
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    opinions on Aero Indian Goatskin A-2

    From what I've heard, pretty good. I'd say you were unlikely to get a more authentic A-2 for the money. Best to contact Aero prior to purchase regarding sizing-they say order a size down because they run big, but I'm sure I've heard others say that wasn't really the case. MB-17
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    McQueen's Jackets ?

    He wore a tanker in Hell is for Heroes, too. MB-17
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    My Tank is Fight

    Where does the ungrammatical title come from?-I like it! MB-17
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    John Chapman's CD-ROM of US Flight Jackets

    Cheers ZF, you got there before me. The link to the C20th is in section 1 of Paddy's reference section, just under the pic of the Aero A-2 with red knits. MB-17
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    John Chapman's CD-ROM of US Flight Jackets

    If you enjoyed that I suggest you go back to the early archives of the Classic 20th (URL in Paddy's WWII kit reference library), when the discussion on that subject (and others) got very interesting! MB-17
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    Pubs in East Anglia. . .

    There's loads of it-I'd say a few essentials are:- Any of the beaches, but particularly Omaha. Merville battery Pegasus bridge Ranville cemetery D-day museum, Bayeaux Arromanches esp. the museum on the sea front Pointe du Hoc (essential) US Cemetery, Colleville-sur-mer (overlooking...
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    I FLEW a WWII airplane!!!!

    OK, apologies to the boys on the jacket forums who are probably sick of me and my holiday exploits by now, but I here I go again anyhow. I had a hour's flight in a T-6 Texan/Harvard/SNJ a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday in Florida. I got to fly it myself, and did several aerobatic...
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    It's a fairly regular occurence here in the UK too, UXB's are often being dug up on building sites and the like, especially in places which were heavily bombed-the nearest one to me is Plymouth, which took quite a heavy pounding from the Luftwaffe. Some of the guys in our diving club found a...
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    SWEATER - HELP !!!!

    Hold up a mo, Sally, ELC are not the same as HPA, although HPA are US agents for ELC jackets etc. HPA are definitely your best bet for BR stuff outside of Japan, unless, as Scot R says, you have contacts in Japan. I'd advise speaking to Charles DiSipio at HPA on the phone (they seem to have a...
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    What's the best Steve McQueen movie?

    Gotta be the 'Great Escape ' for me, if only for the A-2 he wears, although of course, there's a lot more to the film than probably the most famous movie A-2. Closely followed by 'The War Lover' and 'Magnificent Seven'. MB-17
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    We've all heard these stories before about Japanese soldiers holding out for years.

    I was sure thay found a couple more only last year, but it turns out to be in some doubt now-found it here:- http://www.wanpela.com/holdouts/list.html I read a great novel about this a few years ago-'Amok', by a chap called George Fox, about a Japanese soldier left behind after the...
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    Aero Question from Newbie.....

    I agree with the rest of the boys-if you're in the US, Mark Moye is your man-his customer service is unbeatable. He'll make sure you get your size sorted, and he sorts out all the Customs stuff as well. Size-wise, I'm a standard 42", and Aero's 42" fits me fine straight out of the box-this goes...
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    The best leather nametag??

    No Chinese moths round here AFAIK! :)
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    I believe the alpaca on the WWII B-15 lines the whole jacket, not just the sleeves, but don't quote me on that. MB-17
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    Aero's B-15 is a well-made jacket, but in this area I don't think their standard is up to that of their leather stuff-the main problem is the alpaca lining which isn't right-it's not 'furry' enough. Buzz Rickson's cloth jackets are superb, if expensive-your best bet in the U.S. is H.P.A.-...
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    The best leather nametag??

    Mine was an Aero which was too pale for my tastes, although they claim it's an authentic colour. I soaked mine for a couple of days in a mixture of cold tea and soy sauce and anything else dark I could find (there's some Worcester sauce in there as well I think). I then rubbed in some brown shoe...

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