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  1. J

    FS: Limited Edition John Lofgren Combat Boots in teacore Shinki horsehide size 9.5

    Kind of surprised at the lack of action on this. If I didn't already have the same boots, in the same size, I'd buy them off you. They're my favorite boots of all.
  2. J

    FS: Freewheelers Winter Aviator Vest size 44.

    What is the chest/P2P measurement on this one? I think I might be more on the 42 side of things in this particular vest, but you never know...
  3. J

    WTB Wool Half Belt Jacket Size 42

    I have a 33 Jacket in size 42 that I bought in early 2019. I don't know if this is the "previous, correct" or "too thin" version of the wool, but it's heavier than I need here in California and I'd be happy to sell it if someone is interested.
  4. J

    Y2 horsehide western

    This is gorgeous. Do you have measurements? I'm a 42 in most brands, but I suspect a 44 in Y'2... If this is a SK-13 I'm sure I need at least a 44.
  5. J

    FS: Double Helix Tea Core Horsehide Jacket size 42

    I see you've posted them. Drat, it's a size too small for me, I'm afraid.
  6. J

    FS: Double Helix Tea Core Horsehide Jacket size 42

    Measurements? Price? That's a beautiful jacket very nicely photographed.
  7. J

    Want to Buy: Dehen Full Throttle Moto Hoodie in Medium

    My size Large is black. I actually didn't know they'd made them in other colors - interesting!
  8. J

    Want to Buy: Dehen Full Throttle Moto Hoodie in Medium

    I have one in a Large that I'm not wearing - it's amazing, but too warm for me! Good luck with your search - it's a very nice hoodie indeed.
  9. J

    Freenote Cloth RJ-2 Shearling Denim jacket large $550

    Oh man indeed. I have this jacket in (like new) size Medium, which I can wear but it's skin tight and just not a great experience with such a heavy denim/shearling. A broken-in large would work so much better. Very tempted.
  10. J

    FS - Clinch Brass Tokyo Engineer Boots - Overdyed Black Horsebutt CN Wide last

    A third wow here. Speaking of getting the sizing to be perfect, how do these fit relative to other engineer boots? Say, Lofgren or Wesco? These are probably my size, or within a half size, but without laces it's a little more exacting...
  11. J

    Wanted to buy SJC 33 jacket

    Sounds good! I realized that my giant tub of quality clothes I don't wear for various reasons is full, so I'll post a big for-sale maybe this weekend, and see if anyone is interested.
  12. J

    Wanted to buy SJC 33 jacket

    P2P: 60 Shoulders: 48 Sleeves: 63 Back length: 65
  13. J

    Wanted to buy SJC 33 jacket

    I have a size 42 that I ordered and have literally never worn. If interested, let me know and I'll get you measurements.
  14. J

    Freewheelers Switchyard Leather Jacket 40 US

    If it were a size 42 and had a price attached, I'd be all over it. Love this jacket.
  15. J

    Aero Hooch Hauler, size 40, Tobacco Badalassi

    If I didn't already have one almost identical to this in tumbled burgundy CXL I'd be all over this. Beautiful. I'm really looking forward to the weather getting cool enough to wear sleeves, much less leather jackets...
  16. J

    Brand new Truman Boots, black horsehide (10EE)

    Likewise, I think they're probably a little long and narrow for me (9.5 true EE) but such nice boots I'd be tempted to try them...
  17. J

    FS: Fine Creek Leathers Trucker size 44

    Guess I was too slow in making up my mind! Wear it in good health. :)
  18. J

    FS: Fine Creek Leathers Trucker size 44

    This is really beautiful, and mostly would fit me, but with that length and hem, I think it'd bunch up on me. I guess one could just always keep the bottom button open...
  19. J

    New Aero Hooch Hauler

    Thanks - actually, you're right. Loosening the adjuster tabs renders it almost perfect. Half an inch shorter in the back and it would fit exactly right. Love the jacket, but it's been much too warm to wear it for months now.
  20. J

    AmiCharnel Caps

    I'm not sure there is a standard wait. Stew said he was having some health problem which was causing delay, so I really don't know what to expect. That's the only thing keeping me from re-ordering the raspberry herringbone in a size down. It really is a fantastic fabric.

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