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  1. OldGreyBird

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Try What Price Glory's military-repro website. They produce some VERY exact uniforms and jackets, and their prices are reasonable. good luck!
  2. OldGreyBird

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Mine's gonna be the repro WW2 tanker's jacket, with USAAF / North American Aviation/Pratt & Whitney patches, and a leather name tab. Such a good forgery that I have to correct uninformed people who mistake me for a 90-odd-year-old Air Force veteran!
  3. OldGreyBird

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    We're into cold and clear weather, in the 30's overnight---probably wearing my repro WW2 tanker's jacket w/ AAF, North American Aviation and Pratt & Whitney patches, along with a leather name-tab. It's such a good forgery that I have to correct unknowing peoples' impression that I'm a WW2 vet...
  4. OldGreyBird

    Vintage Appliances

    I'm about to buy a replacement clock to insert in a 1930's era propeller clock frame. It's old store stock, may never have been used...and I want my prop clock working again, dammit! (The swap-out is all of five minutes' work...)
  5. OldGreyBird

    Aero leather flight jacket A-2 size 40 vintage

    Nice! I recently lucked onto an Avirex Horsehide A-2 in my size, which replaced my modern-manufacture goatskin A-2. I loved that jacket, but it squeaked anytime I moved. My beloved wife Lea finally put her foot down.
  6. OldGreyBird

    The Man Purse Aka. THE MURSE YES or NO ?

    The best option I've found is a US Army musette bag with shoulder strap---various decent repros are readily available (mine comes from At The Front Militaria). It doesn't clash with my wardrobe too noticeably because I'm usually wearing a flight jacket...your lifestyle-choices may vary.
  7. OldGreyBird

    'Experimental Test Sample' AN-J-3 Jacket Project

    UPDATE: There's a company which reproduces ANJ-3 jackets in the USAAF pattern, as well as A-1 jackets and other such variants. They market on eBay, but here's the link to their web page: http://www.headwindmfg.com/jackets.html Cheers!
  8. OldGreyBird

    Comment by 'OldGreyBird' in article 'Seven-Plus Films to Watch For the Vintage'

    One of my favorite period films is George Roy Hill's THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER (1975), which recreates the era of barnstorming with meticulous accuracy. (Two of my uncles barnstormed in the 1920s, so it's a subject close to my heart. That, and several of the film's stunt pilots were people whom I...
  9. OldGreyBird

    'Experimental Test Sample' AN-J-3 Jacket Project

    I lucked onto an ANJ-3 in 1979, and wish I still had it---comfortable, stylish, and eye-catching. The USSTAF patch which it came with didn't hurt...
  10. OldGreyBird

    Getting used to life with a rebuilt knee...it's made a lot of difference, and for the better.

    Getting used to life with a rebuilt knee...it's made a lot of difference, and for the better.
  11. OldGreyBird

    Any B-10 USAAF flight jacket expert here? Need help.

    You might look at AT THE FRONT Militaria's B-10 jackets...I've got one, and they compare well to the original (rather beat-up) B-15 which I 'inherited' as a kid. hope this helps! https://www.atthefrontshop.com/product_p/usujb10.htm
  12. OldGreyBird

    B-2s! (The furry cap, not the furry jacket)

    I've been using my B-2 repro from US Authentic during a recent freeze-up and snowy spell near Portland, OR...it's delightful, altho some people are startled by such an anachronism. But hey, it complements my flight-jackets. And hard to mistake for anyone else's chapeau...
  13. OldGreyBird

    A New A-1 Mechanic's Sweater for WW2 Re-enactors...And A Bargain!

    https://shop.nationalgeographic.com/product/clothing/men-s-clothing/sweaters/usaaf-a-1-mechanic-cotton-sweater?code=MRDCRIT1 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's goodies-and-souvenirs site can be of variable quality---but their reproduction of the AAF A-1 Mechanics' Sweater is first rate, and imported from...
  14. OldGreyBird

    Vintage AN-J-3 Flight Jacket (Size 46-48)

    In the late 70s, I lucked onto an AN-J-3 jacket at a flea market in pretty decent shape (only cost me $35.00, and I wish I still owned it). It was cut similarly to the Gibson & Barnes 'AAF' versions recently marketed, except that mine had a USSTAF patch sewn onto the left breast...a Seattle-area...
  15. OldGreyBird

    What goes with your A2?

    I tend to wear my A-2 (a current-issue version that replaced the originals which I'd outgrown) with good jeans and an open-collar white shirt). Upcoming, however, is a cosplay project where it'll be a WW2 AAF uniform component. And I recently lucked onto a cotton version of a mechanic's A-1...
  16. OldGreyBird

    Just married to a longtime friend whom I quietly loved...and now, the Fates have allowed us...

    Just married to a longtime friend whom I quietly loved...and now, the Fates have allowed us much, much more.
  17. OldGreyBird

    Music suggestions 20's 30's big band & jazz?

    Look up Germany's Max Raabe & Palast Orchester...a great vocalist with an outstanding orchestra, always looking for new ways to interpret classic music from the 20s and 30s. (Although his cover of Britney Spears' "Oops I Did It Again" is also richly entertaining)...
  18. OldGreyBird

    Awesome A-1 jacket w/emlem in movie ...................

    I lucked onto pictures of Cary Grant in the jacket. AND in helmet and goggles to boot. (Oddly, Howard Hawks de-glamourized Grant in the role...but it was for the best, and resulted in a grittier, more compelling film.)
  19. OldGreyBird

    WW2 B-1 Summer Flying Hat, Repro Vs. Original

    I picked up one of What Price Glory's B-1s, and am breaking it in slowly. It's an 'indulgence' purchase, and not a style I usually wear. But this B-1 is strikingly like the originals I saw as a kid, and pretty well made; there's a working partnership in the making here. AND it does go with my...
  20. OldGreyBird

    Have you flown in a vintage aeroplane?

    My first fixed-wing flight was in a formation of AT-6s (with a Corsair off our port wing!) as part of an airshow. I flew on and off for 12 years (cataracts ultimately ended the adventure), mostly in vintage airplanes. Yeah, an AT-6 definitely counts. Lucky you!

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