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  1. Brian Niebuhr

    Western, anyone?

    I'd wear that 7x the way it is. With a new sweat.
  2. Brian Niebuhr

    Which Akubra styles resemble these Spaghetti Western hats?

    Has anyone actually ordered from Nungar Trading? I've sent several emails over the last couple years with no response.
  3. Brian Niebuhr

    Anyone know anything about this hatmaker Daquino?

    Her westerns have only a 4.5 inch open crown?
  4. Brian Niebuhr

    Akubra Overload

    Akubra stopped making the Silver Spur. Why it wasn't a top seller is beyond me. Great open crown hat with felt that wasn't hard as a rock like most westerns. The Boss of the Plains was also a really good hat. It had the same light weight felt as the Silver Spur but with a little higher crown...
  5. Brian Niebuhr

    Has anybody made a stand for storing their hats?

    You could just hang them on every last object in your house that can be used to hang a hat. That's what I do. Guests usually feel the need to count hats. It's entertaining.
  6. Brian Niebuhr

    Hats By Grizz

    The sweatbands look really crude but I actually kinda like them in a way. Looks like something a mountain man might put together. I don't think I trust the felt though. It looks unstable. I'm thinking shrinkage and taper would be a real problem. I once purchased a rabbit felt blank that reminds...
  7. Brian Niebuhr

    Hats By Grizz

    I like his style and wouldn't mind seeing him in action. His Facebook says he travels around to different events and makes hats in his tent. Sounds like a pretty awesome gig!
  8. Brian Niebuhr

    Understanding the week or two delay from EA on an in stock hat.

    I've had the two week delay on an "in stock" hat. From what I understand, the hat is not actually in stock at EA but it has already been made and is in stock at Akubra's warehouse and just needs to be shipped to EA before it can be shipped to the customer.
  9. Brian Niebuhr

    Australian Dollar weak again...

    Has anyone ordered from Nungar Trading co recently? I noticed they still list some hats that were discontinued. I'm assuming that they just don't keep their site very up to date but it would be fantastic if maybe they still had a supply. I tried to email them but got no response. I can't call...
  10. Brian Niebuhr

    Western, anyone?

    It's been about a year since I've gotten a new hat. Too long. I was thinking about another Akubra but there just isn't a model that I want bad enough since they thinned the herd and I don't trust other hat companies enough to shell out the dough. Used hats in my size are few and rarely ever open...
  11. Brian Niebuhr

    Akubras en masse

    I ground down my stretcher to better fit my "pointy" forehead. I have an extra long egg oval. I rarely have to use it but it works pretty well when I do. Your hat should "remember" your head shape fairly well on its own as long as it isn't disturbed too much while drying. Try hanging it to dry...
  12. Brian Niebuhr

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    Last night I sent a message to one of those sellers who seem to think, well I'm not sure what they're thinking. You know, the $500 hat (for something that might go for around $50-$75. I mentioned that it was a nice hat and that it would sell in a lower price range, I think I said something like...
  13. Brian Niebuhr

    Hat Hair

    I get pretty bad hat hair since my hair is fairly thick and shaggy. My hat doesn't come off until I get home at night anyway so it doesn't bother me. Best fix for hat hair? Put a hat on.
  14. Brian Niebuhr

    Akubra Overload

    I've been thinking of getting another Woomera and leaving the crown open. Taking the side swoop out of the brim and working the kettle curl like my current Woomera but only with an open crown. The reason for the crown left open is because I've been wanting a mushroom hunting hat that'll kinda...
  15. Brian Niebuhr

    Akubra Overload

    How about the Colly? I don't own one but I've been wanting to get one. It has a bigger brim and a taller crown than the Cattleman. Might be too big for your taste though. Otherwise the Territory seems like a good choice. Wide brim with a shorter crown than the Colly. The wider brims are nice but...
  16. Brian Niebuhr

    2015 Stetson Excellent Quality GREEN THIN RIBBON (Preview & Review)

    I hope they make a western sized model. It would need another inch or more of brim before I'd really start drooling. Still exciting though and I can't wait for you guys to start getting them.
  17. Brian Niebuhr

    Pre 1940s Stetson Westerns

    I love it!
  18. Brian Niebuhr

    New Boss Raw Edge Reissue

    I like the looks of it but that's way too much for what you are most likely getting. If the hat shrinks and tapers from rain then it isn't worth a poo pie in my book. If it held up as well or better than an Akubra then I'd be interested enough to want one but I still probably wouldn't actually...
  19. Brian Niebuhr

    Akubra Overload

    Thanks guys. Milliedog, I didn't trim the brim on my Woomera. It's about 3.5 inches with the curl. Around 4" without. I didn't put a whole lot of work doing the curl. The brim kinda wanted to do it so I just used steam and a low iron to help it along. Joao, I'm not huge on feathers either but...
  20. Brian Niebuhr

    Akubra Overload

    Ok, it worked. Yay. Head shot... My Woomera. and my Boss of the Plains and one for the road...

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