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  1. skyvue

    NYC Garment District

    I'm not sure the garment district was ever a retail hub -- it was where clothes were designed and made (still is, to a certain degree, but you're right that that activity has declined precipitously). The little shops you speak of are wholesale shops (and I think many of them always were). I'm...
  2. skyvue

    Cladrite Radio

    One week to go in our fundraising drive. If you're a Cladrite Radio listener, please consider chipping in to help keep us alive and streaming. Thanks!
  3. skyvue

    Akubra Fed IV vs Biltmore Taylor Fedora?

    I owned a Fed IV only briefly (loved it, but lost it in a cab), and I was certain I'd not like the dimensional brim. I was convinced I would want to have it trimmed to be even all the way around, but once I got the hat, I never thought of it again. It's really not noticeable.
  4. skyvue

    Cladrite Radio

    I know that many of my fellow Loungers are Cladrite Radio listeners (and I thank you!), so I hope it's okay to mention here that we've currently got a kind of fund drive underway to raise the money for the renewal of our annual contract with Live365, our streaming provider. I won't go into all...
  5. skyvue

    The Marx Brothers thread

    I'm on the organizing committee for a very exciting series of events coming up in May of this year: Marxfest, a month-long celebration of all things Marx Brothers in the brothers’ hometown, NYC. You can check out the calendar of events at marxfest.com (some of the festival's most exciting...
  6. skyvue

    MOB CITY / L A Noir [TNT]

    I'm not the expert many here are, but the trousers were almost all too low-waisted, it seemed to me. And the music choices were lazy and anachronistic. I like Sinatra as much as the next guy or gal, but he's not the only recording artist who existed in the 1940s and '50s. Not to mention (ok...
  7. skyvue

    Vintage roadside

    You can read about my trip via the link below. It's a time capsule of a website (very much stuck in the mid-90s), I should warn you, and I was not yet much of a writer, but perhaps it's of interest. http://brettnews.com/amod/
  8. skyvue

    Vintage roadside

    In 1992, I traveled to all 48 contiguous states during a four-month, 22,000 road trip that saw me traversing the entire length of Route 66 from Lake Michigan in Chicago to the Santa Monica pier. And I did tons of research before that trip, as you might expect.
  9. skyvue

    Vintage roadside

    I stayed at the Boots Motor Court in 1992 (the sign then read "Boots Motel) -- I stayed in room #6, where Clark Gable once spent the night. I wish I could say I'd stayed at the Wagon Wheel on that same trip, but I didn't know about it until I stumbled upon it (too early in the day to stop for...
  10. skyvue

    OTR baseball games

    Lizzie, do you know of any sources for old television broadcasts (baseball or football)?
  11. skyvue

    Proper Barber Shop

    I pay $17 for a haircut, but a shave (with shavette) is an additional $23 -- way too rich for my blood. It's funny - back in the old days, a shoeshine cost two bits; now, even here in NYC, they run just three bucks. But a shave and a haircut, as cited in that old rhyme, used to cost the same...
  12. skyvue

    It's a Wonderful Life sequel underway

    There was a Casablanca TV series much earlier than that: 1955.
  13. skyvue

    What do you use to shave?

    What did you use to clean it, if I may ask?
  14. skyvue

    Autumnal Thoughts........

    It'll cool off a bit next week, but I'm with you: urgh.
  15. skyvue

    Max Raabe! German 30s show music

    Tickets for Max Raabe's March 3 show at Carnegie Hall went on sale today. I've got mine -- second row orchestra, on the aisle. http://www.carnegiehall.org/Event.aspx?id=4294999840 It'll be our fifth or sixth time to see Mr. Raabe and his Palast Orchester, and I can't wait.
  16. skyvue

    Happy 10th Anniversary, Fedora Lounge

    Congrats, and thanks for all the hard work on our behalf!
  17. skyvue

    Project Drive-In by Honda

    Weird. This should work: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/drive-ins/info
  18. skyvue

    Project Drive-In by Honda

    There's some disagreement. Some are of the "Hey, you gotta plan ahead and be ready for industry changes" school of thought; others (me included) figure that a theatre owner (and his or her descendents) who has hung on for several decades, making a decent living but not raking it in, has every...
  19. skyvue

    WIDEBRIM's Ties: 4th Batch for 2013

    Damian beat me to it -- I'd have bought them all, too. I especially love that first one, with the leaf pattern. It's a beaut.
  20. skyvue

    Project Drive-In by Honda

    I go to the drive-in every summer. Haven't made it yet this year (and may not -- money's tight for renting a car), but that's the exception, not the rule. And I think a drive-in's a great place to see a movie, and certainly a helluva lot better than watching at home (which I do plenty, mind...

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