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    Iron Heart „Pale Rider“ Evolution Thread

    It’s a great look when you hit the sweet spot patina but it seems inevitably over time it goes into the just “dirty” look.
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    Your High School Jacket - if you could go back

    I still have my jacket from high school. The only thing I’ve kept in all my moves. I had a nice girlfriend who took me to Taubers leathers in SF in the early 80s to get fitted. A big luxury for a poor rock ‘n’ roll dude. It's in great condition. The bay area is not heavy leather weather.
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    WTB/Help wanted to build my winter heavy leather jacket

    New to the site. A lot of great info….enough to drive an obsessed person nuts. Lol I went to the Schott store and tried on a number of jackets. Along the lines of the 184sm, take a look at the 594 naked buffalo bomber jacket. I thought they said it was a naked cowhide. It was soft, pliable...

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