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  1. SkyTurtle

    Vanson Chopper Jacket, size 44, Black Comp. Weight

    Wow. John got a heck of a deal. If that had been a 40 I would have been quite salty right now.
  2. SkyTurtle


    Hope somebody grabbed this gem. I have a 42 as well. Four years old and pretty well broken in. Get compliments on it almost everywhere I wear it. Definitely my go-to jacket off the bike. If it was a 42 I'd grab it without a second thought.
  3. SkyTurtle

    Vanson Model B House Cowhide Genuine Leather Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket SZ 42

    I'm late to the party, but a few were asking about the measurements and fit. I have several Vansons (including a B) and it's fit is closer to the Thunderbird or the C2, which are a little more roomy. The Comet is a much trimmer fit, similar to the sport rider jackets like the CSR2, Manx, etc...
  4. SkyTurtle

    Fedora Lounge Motorcyclists: Safe Gear with a Vintage Vibe

    I just have to give a shout out to one of my favorite jackets. A Dianese Zen Evo from Cycle Gear. Not Vanson quality, but this thing is so versatile it's managed to surface as a go-to jacket quite often. Perforated in the chest and back. With the liner out it's comfortable in all but the hottest...
  5. SkyTurtle

    Burned on Ebay

    Sorry, I have to side with the seller as well. Used jackets are used jackets and I know I must exercise caveat emptor when shopping for them. I'm not particularly into that flight jacket look so I can't speak to what kind of deal you got, but from what others are saying you got a steal. I'd...
  6. SkyTurtle

    Boots for heavy rain

    I don't know Welles but I will second what Dav and barnabus say about the less expensive brands. I too have spent more than I need on the "well made" brands, but my all-time favorite go-to motorcycle boot is still the Corcoran (HH) tanker boot. They're around $100 bucks and I've bought maybe...
  7. SkyTurtle

    Breaking in leather jackets in sauna and/or steam room?

    Excellent choice. Although I do like to use some old baseball glove techniques to make a jacket a little softer at the corners, there's no real substitute for spending the time slowly breaking a jacket in through regular wear. At first it seems stiff and unrelenting but you'll suddenly realize...
  8. SkyTurtle

    Breaking in leather jackets in sauna and/or steam room?

    Like Guppy said, the heat/moisture probably won't hurt the FQHH itself but the lining could be a different story. I've been buying Vanson competition weight jackets for a number of years and when I get them, the first year I roll it into a ball and sleep on it a couple nights. Then unroll it and...
  9. SkyTurtle

    Biker gloves, what to get?

    Working on it right now! So far, I love them. Like all Vanson products they take some breaking in so I'll report back as soon as I get them where I want them. They are unlined leather but very well-made. Comfortable out of the box but I imagine they'll do very nicely after a few treatments of...
  10. SkyTurtle

    Biker gloves, what to get?

    Now that's like asking what kind of girl should I marry? :p There are all kinds of gloves to choose from and rarely is there a "do it all" glove, so expect to have as many pairs of gloves in your locker as you have helmets and boots. My number one rule for any pair of gloves is that they first...
  11. SkyTurtle

    Did a thread get deleted?

    FWIW, I see the "What Jacket..." thread in my list today and seem to remember seeing it there the past couple days, too.
  12. SkyTurtle

    Fit check on Schott Perfecto -- considering going custom made

    I'll just add my two cents to those already thrown in. For a motorcycle jacket, especially an off-the-rack one, I think it's spot on as is. Sleeves should be a little long for that style jacket. You can cinch the wrist up a bit by going about 3/4 closed on the sleeve zippers. That'll keep the...
  13. SkyTurtle

    Bad experience with Aero Leathers.

    It's very easy for us to believe the marketing hype that says CS is so important to every business that all they'll do is sit around waiting for our emails so they can respond instantly. If Aero is anything like Vanson, manufacturing top quality product is slightly more important than putting on...
  14. SkyTurtle

    What's the deal with sponsor patches?

    IMHO I'm fine with anyone wearing whatever they like to wear. If you love leather jackets, you wear them for yourself and not anyone else. That being said, despite being a former flyer, I can't stand flight jackets. I have one in my closet and that's it. But since I ride motorcycles almost...
  15. SkyTurtle

    FS: Vanson Comet Size 38, black, good as new, 300$ shipped!

    I have to do a quick, unsolicited commercial for the Comet. I've had mine for just over three years now and it is (finally) well broken in. For those of you who aren't familiar with Vansons, they take a couple seasons to break in but when they do they're like a second skin. In fact, it's so...
  16. SkyTurtle

    Fedora Lounge Motorcyclists: Safe Gear with a Vintage Vibe

    For those of you looking for gloves with some "retro" appeal, I just picked up a pair of Vanson Rockets from Thurston Bros. Review coming shortly. In the process of breaking them in now so I can take them out on the road a bit. They're definitely built like Vanson makes their jackets so you have...
  17. SkyTurtle

    V7 - The Vanson X Union Garage NYC Armored Leather Motorcycle Jacket

    +1 on the Biltwells. I've had this Gringo for some time now and it's my favorite helmet for commuting around town in the middle of the Southern Summer. Big open viewport without a shield provides plenty of ventilation as the air ducts right out the bottom. It has the general feel of a 3/4 with a...
  18. SkyTurtle

    Schott 618hh. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Thanks, roadking. Yeah, I got the stars from Jerri at Schott and installed them on my 618. That's why a lot of people mistake it for a 613 with extra snaps. Thankfully, my experience with spills is limited and almost exclusively from third parties who have offed on track days where it's a fast...

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