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  1. billyspew


    Damn I want that.
  2. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    On the issue of lighting, I would never take a chance, I always use modern LED lamps, cycling around London is dangerous and you need to make yourself very visible. I do have one of these which I attach to my lamp bracket on the 50's roadster when I am going to be using it in the dark. It's...
  3. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    It is pretty thick isn't it? Oddly very soft and supple at the same time, so no breaking in problems either. I can attest to the waxy tan developing a lovely patina, the leather on the boots I have have really started to gain that patina (I use 3 different polishes, light brown, light tan and...
  4. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    You'll notice that one of the pictures features a bike with a honey brown Brooks saddle with a matching (non-Brooks) toolbag. This bike has been entirely covered in leather and has diamonds in the bar end plugs. http://blog.nicholasjames.com/?p=369
  5. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    I normally take an 11 or 11 1/2 and ordered the 11, they feel like a true 11 to me, snug but certainly not tight.
  6. billyspew

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Adam Mainliner... Sorry for absence been travelling a lot for work.
  7. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    Hi Paddy, I have these in tan. Good shoes for the price, very lightweight and comfortable, I highly recommend them for the price. I had my local cobbler put some rubber soles on as the leather ones weren't great without toe clips. Here I am wearing them on the Tweed Run last weekend.
  8. billyspew

    William Lennon workboots

    Very nice the grain is fantastic. Have a pair of the Waxy tans myself, also had them make some of their cycling shoes in the same leather.
  9. billyspew

    How many suits do you own?

    Best guess without counting x2 three piece suits x8 two piece suits x2 dinner jacket/evening trousers x1 evening tail suit x7 tweed jackets
  10. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    Let me know if you want to part with it!
  11. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    Thanks, that's only the second of those I've seen - and this one's in marginally better condition than the last one I saw.
  12. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    Any pics of the headbadge?
  13. billyspew

    On yer bike!

    Is that the Hercules? It's nice, rather partial to the Hercules brand - just my size too!
  14. billyspew

    The Non Shorpy Web All Stars.

    The great British Working class... I suspect it's either a football match or the gee-gees.
  15. billyspew

    Actor Gary Oldman and his love of fashion

    Vintage store in West Norwood?? I didn't know about this place - I live a couple of miles from there! Must give it a try.
  16. billyspew

    Actor Gary Oldman and his love of fashion

    It's generally a thoroughly modern style, very slim fitting, there's always one or two things in his collections I'd like but having experienced his stuff before, the quality vs price differential is enormous. Nothing I've bought him there has lasted more than a year of normal wear (except...
  17. billyspew

    Sam Craig

    Very sad news and my condolences to his family.
  18. billyspew

    Post New Hats Here!

    I like it, especially the band. Then again I've been known to wear my Pith around London parks for no other reason than it protects my head!
  19. billyspew

    Hong Kong Tailors


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