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  1. doggieboy

    Germophobe Seeks Advice for Buying Used/Vintage

    I'm glad that this thread was started. I am looking for some nice vintage sport coats and I'd much prefer to purchase from someone who is on FL. I looked at TweedyDon's site and need to have the missus measure me. About a dozen years ago I purchased a nice Borsalino from Tango Yankee from FL. He...
  2. doggieboy

    Comment by 'doggieboy' in article 'Three Vintage Hats You Need to Buy Today - 5-21-2018'

    That Stratoliner looks really nice. To my untrained eye, it reminds me of the hat that Jeff Bridges wore in Sea biscuit...which I thought he looked great in.
  3. doggieboy

    Coffee, grind your own?

    Good quality coffee, nice grinder and a French press are an essential part of my day.
  4. doggieboy

    Photographs Of Hats Fresh From Surviving The Elements

    A number of years ago I bought a Borsalino from someone on at this forum. They had bought if for their FIL size 7/8 and the size wasn't quite right. He did me a real service and sold it to me for what he had in it. It was a great hat, soft as a bunny's butt and I wore the hell out of it. Maybe...
  5. doggieboy

    Indy IV (beware... spoiler pics)

    Thats great news about a new IJ movie. Im sorry Sean Connery won't be in it. Might want to stock up on good vintage fedoras before that move comes out.
  6. doggieboy

    What a surprise!!!

    I think photos of folks wearing hats in/near Venice would be welcome to this site.
  7. doggieboy

    What a deal

    Unfortunately, those are too big for my little melon. Do PB's hats run pretty accurate with regards to size? I ordered a hat for my Dad from PB's a number months ago, but haven't seen it on him yet. (I'm going home in a couple of weeks, so I'll have a chance to look at it) It was a great...
  8. doggieboy

    my first "real" felt hat

    Class...nothing but class.
  9. doggieboy

    Tipping Your Hat

    I gave up picking my nose at the table just last week and now this comes up. What's next?
  10. doggieboy

    stetson forty

    Oops...me too.
  11. doggieboy

    a little harmless venting

    You must of gotten that message from a Communist country. They obviously don't understand the free market. If it's any consulation to you, they are obviously a really miserable individual and quite jealous of your fine collection of hats.
  12. doggieboy

    do you keep a second hat at work?

    As a matter of fact...I do.
  13. doggieboy

    An observation ..

    Very true. What really sets the tone is the selflessness of the members who have been around a while. Their willingness to share their knowledge and experience without talking down to us new guys really impresses me. I have no doubt that it causes them in some cases to end up paying more for...
  14. doggieboy

    summer felt hat ?

    Douglas: Thank you for your response. Eric
  15. doggieboy

    summer felt hat ?

    That's a great question. What were some of the vintage hats that are lightweight felt that are good hats?
  16. doggieboy

    new and somewhat broke in now

    = Wears his hat 2 sizes too small.
  17. doggieboy

    Why do they always wanna try your hat on?

    They are drawn to them because they are great! They should be drawn to them...we are. We think of them as a personal article of clothing. IMHO they see it as an accessory or a prop. I agree that its rude to grab a hat, I'm not sure how I would react, but I think that's the mindset.
  18. doggieboy

    new and somewhat broke in now

    Sorry you were burned. I noticed one thing has changed. Several months ago he used to say that he was a Borsalino dealer, then he would trash their hats. No ethical person would do such a thing, so I decided to spend my money someplace else. Maybe someone called him on the dealer story.
  19. doggieboy

    What is this hat?

    BK: Yes...that's the look....one great looking hat. Jeff Bridges or Art need to check their closets. Top it off with a quote from Winston Churchill...greatest man of the 20th century. The Lounge is a great place to surf. Thanks guys for sharing your time. E
  20. doggieboy

    What is this hat?

    What kind of hat is this? To my very untrained eye, it looks close to an Open Road. Maybe the brim is wider than an OR? I have to say, I like the looks of that hat. http://www.baronhats.com/Entrep.htm

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