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  1. stevetfire

    Five Star Leather Jackets

    They look great Thomas , how close to your dimensions are they in standard size and what did you alter in the second one Cheers Steve
  2. stevetfire

    FOR SALE or Trade: Eastman Star Sportswear A2, 46

    I’ll take it please , dm sent
  3. stevetfire

    1938 Acme (Aero) Good Wear Combat Clone #10 Size 44-Horsehide

    Pm sent , I’ll gladly take it
  4. stevetfire

    VLJ status

    That is a damn shame fellas I hope it can rise again from the ashes
  5. stevetfire

    VLJ status

    Thanks Bill really appreciate your update and all your work and that of the mods keeping it going , I visit daily for my fix
  6. stevetfire

    B-Beautiful in a B-10..! (The ultimate American Beauty cloth flight wear)

    Yes funny you should say that Ian I was thinking the same thing ..dohhh
  7. stevetfire

    Aero Selkirk Jacket

    First time I've seen it and I'd have to say I think that's a very cool looking Jacket...great combo of the half belt and M-422A.....A winner ...
  8. stevetfire

    who makes a quality authentic looking b3?

    well there's no denying ...that is a gooood looking jacket...cheers fellas
  9. stevetfire

    AWESOME and RARE Eastman Leather B3 Redskin size 40

    Great looking B3, Thanks for the pics

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