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  1. DrVoel

    Let's see your mechanical watches

    Merely a homage since I couldn’t even find let alone buy a the original Vintage Omega
  2. DrVoel

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Today’s tipple
  3. DrVoel

    What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

    Aye...you speak wisely good sir! Of course there are unpeated island whiskies and peated, hell, Irish ones. What I wanted to say is that whisky is not necessarily smoky/peaty or not smoky/peaty I’ve had more than one friends that were offered Ardberg, or Lagavulin, or Laphroaig as an...
  4. DrVoel

    What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

    Yay for you! Congrats! Now Talisker 10y/o is by all accounts a great dram, HOWEVER, it is not representative of what one would call Scotch whisky. I understand you are from Germany. To make an analogy, Icewine is amazing, but it is not representative of what wine is, or what German wine is...
  5. DrVoel

    Bourbon Discussion Thread

    My parents live in Glyfada and I lived there until uni, and then again from 2005-2010. Back then it was a pretty cool place to hang out, but it fizzled out after 2010. Still a great place to live, but all the fun places to hang out have moved to the center of Athens. The bar I am talking about...
  6. DrVoel

    Bourbon Discussion Thread

    There’s always a bottle of Makers in my bar for old fashioneds and Juleps and I often try the top shelf stuff in bars. There’s a bar in Athens that specialises in whisky and has a great collection of bourbons. My favourite way to enjoy them is in boilermakers with some beer on the side
  7. DrVoel

    Your signature cocktail.

    In the winter months my usual before dinner drink is the martini. Gin, preferably something old school, juniper forward, pretty dry with a twist. When it gets too hot for straight up boozy drinks, my go to drink would be either a ti punch or a daiquiri, a simple lime one or a pappa doble version.
  8. DrVoel

    What is your favorite Scotch Whisky?

    My go to scotch is the Monkey Shoulder, a rather honest blended malt dram, however my absolute favourite would probably be the Aberlour A’Bunnadh, a lovely cask strength Speyside single malt whisky. Regarding bourbons, I agree, tgey are often snubbed here in Europe. I think that the major...
  9. DrVoel

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Yesterday was pretty warm in my part of the world and an opportunity to sit outside on the patio (actually a large balcony) and enjoy the sun sipping on a mint julep. Makers Mark and mint from my herb garden
  10. DrVoel

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Not much of a good picture...wearing my old smelly waxed cotton Barbour utility, probably for the last time this year driving around the back roads of Chania. Wind was a bit nippy, but its getting warmer by the day
  11. DrVoel

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Ι got this one in the pipeline and currently pondering between an A-2 flight jacket or it’s Indiana Jones brother. Looks is half the deal, but I also want them for driving around with the top down in my little Miata. Any help would be more than welcome
  12. DrVoel

    Let's see your mechanical watches

    I have a small collection of mechanical watches. An Omega Seamaster, a Steinhart OVM, a Borealis Omega 300 homage, an orient Bambino dress watch, but my favourite by far is the Longines Legend Diver
  13. DrVoel

    What do you do for Living?

    I’m a doctor working for the Greek Ambulance Service. Spending my time Riding In ambulances or helicopters in the island of Crete.
  14. DrVoel

    You know you are getting old when:

    When every day you wake up discovering a new pain in a part of your body.
  15. DrVoel

    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    Greetings everyone...been following the forum on and off and just decided to join. I’m a 45 y/o physician working with the rescue services in Greece. Love suits, Tweed, linen summer attire, panama hats. Hope to learn from you guys!

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