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  1. Crazy Dave

    Hats for your Man-Bun ! ! !

    True. But the fact that he also wears his hair like that in many of his other period movies, or that that does not make all the other samurai or ronin that ever lived, or even the bearded topknot hipsters this thread is about unwashed bums, is hardly to be considered irrelevant, now is it? It...
  2. Crazy Dave

    Hats for your Man-Bun ! ! !

    I disagree about the top-knot. And so does Toshiro. I do not like the implications that are being made about dirty and dorky bunheads in this thread. Everyone has the right to wear his hair any damn way he wants to. But I do feel anyone wearing a bun-hat should have their head cut off. :p
  3. Crazy Dave

    Fedoras afield

    Congratulations to the not-so-newly weds! :D
  4. Crazy Dave

    Cowboy Boots

    This thread is giving me boot fever...
  5. Crazy Dave

    Buckaroo Hatters ''I Saw The Light'' movie news.

    Just saw the vid. I'm a guitarplayer, and can only say: Great job, Moon! Oh, and GREAT beard. :D Loving this thread.
  6. Crazy Dave

    Akubra Overload

    That isn't quite right. The brim is a different width and shape, the crown is not the same height, and I don't think the ribbon is the same width. Aside from both being Akubra Fedoras, they are not the same. You'll just have to buy both. :p
  7. Crazy Dave

    Fedoras afield

    Thank you all for your kind words. It's an Akubra Sombrero, ridiculously big, I took it with me on a whim, together with my Fed IV. Turns out the Sombrero is an even better adventure hat than the Fed. It's insanely rugged, protects from anything up to small meteorite strikes, and it's got a...
  8. Crazy Dave

    Fedoras afield

    Not a fedora, (well, a very big one maybe) but still in the field, some pics from my last vacation: These are from the Vercors region in France, in march. The weather was so nice I was surprised to still find snow up on the highlands, and forgot to bring sunscreen and my sunglasses on my...
  9. Crazy Dave

    Fedoras afield

    Three times it drops. :p
  10. Crazy Dave

    Cowboy Boots

    Dude, you were born to pull those off. :cool:
  11. Crazy Dave

    Frye Boots

    I bought a pair of Frye engineer boots in a store. They are very solid and look very good, the leather is of very good quality. The right boot was put together crooked, which I did not notice until a long time afterwards (yeah, I know that's dumb [huh]). The problem is at the heel, and it causes...
  12. Crazy Dave

    Cowboy Boots

    Very cool boots. I've been aching for a new pair ever since my Lucchese's have started falling apart. Man, I'm pretty those were made on a monday after a Tequila soaked weekend... Newbie advice? Hardly a grizzled cowboy boot veteran, but I can tell you this: mostly be careful about the fit...
  13. Crazy Dave

    The Archer´s Hat

    I was in an archery guild in my teens, and still cannot resist posting this:
  14. Crazy Dave

    Akubra Overload

    Now that is an axeman's hat! :cool:
  15. Crazy Dave

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

  16. Crazy Dave

    How NOT to look like Indiana Jones?!

    Yeah, and then the cap with bill on all sides. Wait a minute...:p
  17. Crazy Dave

    If you could only wear one hat, what color would be ideal?

    For me brown, with a dark ribbon. I thought my moonstone grey Fed IV would go with everything, but it doesn't. This would be different if I still wore suits. This is for fedoras, I kinda feel that most western hats would go with anything I have. Well, I probably couldn't pull off a purple one. :D
  18. Crazy Dave

    Western, anyone?

    They go up to 8" brims. Use a chinstrap to go kitesurfing. :p
  19. Crazy Dave

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Errr, what will happen when she reads this post? I have a fixed monthly budget for fun, clothes, etc. What I do with it is my business, and there is no interference from my better half.

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