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  1. Amy Jeanne

    Vintage Fall Crazy?

    I don't like fall. I'm in the minority, I know lol. I hate it when it gets dark earlier and I have to rake and clean the chicken coop and I can't hang my clothes outside to dry for much longer.
  2. Amy Jeanne

    Copy a pattern or use an original?

    I know this post is over a decade old, but it just popped into my head today and I'm not sure why I was singled out for such a lecture about my then "busy" life? I don't sew much anymore, though. But I have quite a collection!!!
  3. Amy Jeanne

    The Pinup Thread

    As far as I know men can comment in this forum. I have no idea why they would be deleted.
  4. Amy Jeanne

    What are you wearing today??

    I'm extra as heck :D:D
  5. Amy Jeanne

    The Pinup Thread

    I'll probably kill this thread, but I did these a few years ago. LOL.
  6. Amy Jeanne

    What are you wearing today??

    Had this on the other day.
  7. Amy Jeanne

    How long have you been a member?

    January 2007. 13 years. Glad to see the revival of message boards!!! FB: September 2007. Pivotal time for social media.
  8. Amy Jeanne

    The handwriting of everyday

    How about real samples?
  9. Amy Jeanne

    Technical features, you can really do without?

    I haven't had a microwave in YEARS. They actually freak me out a little. My BF doesn't have one, either. Heat it up in the oven -- comes out better! I haven't had a TV in years, either. BF has one, but we pick and choose what we want to watch via YouTube mostly. He has Netflix, but I have...
  10. Amy Jeanne

    Show Us Your Sewing Patterns

    $5 bag at an estate sale
  11. Amy Jeanne

    What are you wearing today??

    1950s Quarantine Look today!
  12. Amy Jeanne

    Show us your hair do's....

    New Hair!!
  13. Amy Jeanne

    Agony column?

    I got rid of so much crap in my move from Philadelphia to Colorado Springs. It was actually liberating. I threw away allllll 564928347347 of my cassette tapes that I don't have a player for and don't even play anymore. I threw away any magazine from 2000 - now (I take after my dad hoarding...
  14. Amy Jeanne

    What are you wearing today??

    1960s home fashion today. Going through all the decades 1910s to 1990s.
  15. Amy Jeanne

    Show us your hair do's....

    New 30s hair.
  16. Amy Jeanne

    What are you wearing today??

    Various quarantine looks I plan to wear out once I can. 1930s and 1970s.
  17. Amy Jeanne

    Show Us Your Sewing Patterns

    I haven't bought a sewing pattern in a loooooong time. Last thing I sewed was a 1913 Past Patterns dress, which I would consider a fail (way, way too big). I just bought the 1930s "Corsage Dress" pattern from DoS. I'm gonna make it when I lose this weight.
  18. Amy Jeanne

    Show us your hair do's....

    New wig worn with my 80s jumpsuit I found at Goodwill. And my gingerface :p:eek:
  19. Amy Jeanne

    You know you are getting old when:

    Looking at a FB post of someone's grandmother's personal diary which was written in shorthand. The Original Poster wanted to know if anyone could translate it. Reading the comments, there are people alive today who have never HEARD of shorthand and were calling it "an alien language." I went...

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