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  1. J

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Hampsteads a real eye-catcher Love those Hampsteads.I have a pair which is purposely a half-size larger,to accomadate insoles,which makes them oh-so comfortable Receive many compliments every time I wear them.Woven leather a unique eye-catcher.John Titcombe.
  2. J

    Aftershave : That nostalgic true masculine smell!

    Zizanie de Fragonard is a unique fragrance from France,which has been around for years.Difficult to describe the fragrance,but it's scent is somewhat mesmerizing.Does not smell like any other scent.That,in itself,is refreshing! John Titcombe.
  3. J

    Ladies, what scents do you like on your men?

    Pour Un Homme by Caron is a very mild,pleasant Fragrance with a Lavender/Vanilla scent.Think of the old Men's Yardley After Shave,mixed with Vanilla Extract,Voila!
  4. J

    Show us your SHOES !!!

    Wow!! Time and again I keep cming back to page 150 of General Attire and Accoutrements.Those gorgeous Hornback Lizard shoes,a true work of Art.I mean I think that they belong in a museum.I had a pair of Alligator Penny Loafers (Johnston Murphy)some years ago,but not of the same calibre of Deluxe...
  5. J

    Spectator Shoes

    This last January,I purchased a pair of Ramsey model Spectator shoes from Allen Edmonds Deadstock Shoe Department in Port Washington,Wisconsin,for $108!!! What a deal.Had been looking for a pair for quite a few years in desparation.So one day I just picked up the phone and talked with a Lady at...
  6. J

    Feet Up! The Work Boot Thread

    I recently purchased from Allen Edmonds Factory Outlet Store in Port Washington,a pair of Ramsey model Spectator shoes for $108. Just had to share my joy with someone !!!

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