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    Panama Hat Thread

    No need to iron. Just wet the front with enough water and you can start molding it to flip down. (And yes, I think you should do that.)
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    How do you know quality when you see it?

    I would consider fineness of construction and materials far more important factors than durability. Go buy yourself a vintage Borsalino, for instance, observe it, and then go out in the streets and observe the fedoras the trendy gentlemen are wearing. You will find, for instance, that the brim...
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    Borsalino Film

    I suspect though it wouldn't take much effort to remove the logo, if one so desires.
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    Ink on a hat liner; removal or keepsake ?

    Interesting that he drew in the Royal Artillery badge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Artillery (For those who are even remotely interested, the Latin on the logo reads "Everywhere Where Right and Glory Lead".)
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    Steel Grey Borsalino

    Perhaps I am really out of touch, but is there a hat color chart that you all are referring to? If there is one, would you be so kind as to share?
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    Looking for a hat

    Rafal, good luck with your search. Nonetheless, I think for your first hat you should try to avoid spending big. You would come to decide on what you like and what you don't, but from my experience developing these tastes requires wearing hats on a regular basis for a time. I think it would...
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    "G.B. Fu Lazzaro" is related to the "regular" Borsalino, but not the same company. Hence the different design.
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    Casino Etiquette

    I would agree with what Geesie said about American casinos. You really would not expect James Bond type dresses here. But then, since you're in Europe, you might as well just go to where they film the movies if you like that sort of atmosphere...
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    Panama Hat Thread

    No, just wet it and you can shape it again. If you let it slowly dry in the exact shape you want it to be, then it would keep that shape (till the next time it gets moist ...).
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    Those hats we were making fun of...

    If that's blasphemous, have a look at the one "leather goods" item under "licenses" ... A fedora turned into a purse. Having suspended my initial moral objections, I must admit the purse doesn't look half bad. It actually makes pretty neat design and aesthetic sense .... (Blasphemy!)
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    German & Austrian Hutmachers

    Dutch Place to Get These Hats I have found a vintage clothing store in Utrecht selling vintage hats of these brands (Habig, Mayser) as well as Borsalino and some European brands I have never heard of. The name of the store is Giensch, at the intersection of Voorstraat and Hardebollenstraat. The...
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    A Panama Hat worthy of FDR

    Congratulations on the hat! It might be presumptuous for me to say so, but I don't think you should consider selling the hat (to someone who can take good care of it) until your time is up or unless you really need the money. The hat is probably one of the finest man-made object most people...
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    Gallery - Borsalino Alessandria

    Just for "academic" reference, am I right to say that this model is always of the "Qualita Superiore" rank (as marked in the lining)? Can anyone gainsay me on this with a picture of a (vintage) example? Am I also right to say that the model has been made to be sold here in the US? Does anyone...
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    What this forum needs is a gallery

    I like the idea. But I think what might be needed is a separate Wiki-section, where people can edit and post up photos and captions of the hats. The most knowledgeable members can help edit and categorize all the posted photos and information, as well as add appropriate commentary.
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    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    It seems to me that this model of vintage Borsalino hats is always in great demand and will always fetch the highest prices on eBay. I don't think this is atypical in any way. And congrats to the winner for the so-called "wool felt" hat. :)
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    The hat looks like the typical "San Remo" model. You could find out more by Googling "Fedora Lounge San Remo Borsalino". :)
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    Straw hat rehab

    You've really got something nice for $6. Anyway, I think you should use glue on the inside to fix the cracks. I wouldn't recommend adjusting the shape of the hat for this purpose.
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    Hitler's fedora

    Now that I see the picture of this hat again, it reminds me of that memorable Habig hat with Cyrllic lining writing (originally sold in the Russian community in Shanghai or something) that was auctioned off on eBay a while back. Does anyone on here buy the hat or could share pictures? I think it...
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    Hitler's fedora

    Mayserwegener, is that a modern production hat? Interesting design on the ribbon! Speaking of Mayser, maybe someone can translate this ad...
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    Hitler's fedora

    Do you think that hat is the "broad-brimmed black gangster affair" referred to in this memoir? http://books.google.com/books?id=GW8VEnNjqCAC&pg=PA62&lpg=PA1&output=html From the text, it appears that Hitler's friend didn't think much of its coordination with his skin color (a fashion...

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