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  1. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    Not cheap but some great 20s and 30s looking shoes, and most are very comfortable. Hotter shoes http://www.hotter.com/us/en?otrack=cpc&cm_ven=google&cm_cat=ppc&cm_pla=Brand%20-%20Core&cm_ite=hotter&gclid=CKmIlLPEjMgCFQaNaQod54EBhw
  2. Idledame

    Is there a name for this look?

    Long fancy version was a hostess gown
  3. Idledame

    Making a Coat - August 1948

    Thank you Miss Moonlight. I've saved all those pages just in case!
  4. Idledame

    Sanitary Belts

    I grew up with the sanitary pads and elastic belts in the early 60s. The pads were at least 1/2 " thick and maybe 7" long inside a sort of gauze sleeve that extended about 4 inches longer than the pad on each end. The unpadded ends were threaded thru the little metal buckle things (with teeth to...
  5. Idledame

    To PR or to Costume- that is the question

    The thing is, any decision you make now does not mean you will be stuck with it the rest of your life. Maybe at some point you'll want to finish the PR degree, or decide to carve canoes, or bake cupcakes or whatever. It may be more difficult to go back to school in the future but lots of people...
  6. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    Black Dahlia, I just bought the top shoes too! Haven't worn them yet though.
  7. Idledame

    Comments You Get When You Dress Vintage

    My friends and I walked through downtown Los Angeles yesterday, about 6 blocks from a vintage movie event to a restaurant and 6 blocks back to our car. We were in vintage pieces and vintage inspired and we must have gotten 20 or more compliments, from young, old, men and women. One young man...
  8. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    My eternal quest. You either find them totally flat, too high, too clunky. The real '30s managed to make them look casual, feminine, elegant and fine for walking. These don't look as vintage perhaps but they get good reviews: http://www.zappos.com/cobb-hill-sheila-black...
  9. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    They fit and wear exactly how you would expect a $24 shoe to be. Great if you plan not to walk or wear them much. They will last several days of heavy walking. Much longer if you don't walk too much. Not bad comfortwise.
  10. Idledame

    What vintage won't you wear?

    I said NEVER to late 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s but I keep getting talked into going to events in those eras, and buying and making clothes for those eras. I need more closets! Never say never!
  11. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    This company has a few great looking shoes. And some come in extra wide too! Hotterusa.com They have the super hard to find low heel high vamp pump like the 30s http://www.hotterusa.com/en-us/SPRING-2014/Signature-Heels/98860_donna-heelsand some comfortable 20's looking heels...
  12. Idledame

    THE Dress - Butterick 4790

    That's really cute Amy Jeanne!
  13. Idledame

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    DavinaDoll, that jacket is to die for! Probably part of a suit originally. If it's too big for you I would be happy to take it off your hands!
  14. Idledame

    Nothing but Seamed Stockings

    I want the ones with the American Eagle above the heel!
  15. Idledame

    Nothing but Seamed Stockings

    I had no idea they had all those in the 1940's. I wonder if ordinary women bought them, or just dancers and maybe a certain class of ladies? The 2 at the top are called show girl and stage door. "Eye catching" and "sure to be noticed" are two descriptive phrases used. I sure haven't seen any in...
  16. Idledame

    Navy Purse- What do you go with?!

    Well, a top that has a hint of navy in the pattern, or any outfit that's red, pink, lime, kelly green, yellow, brown or white. If you're in a black wardrobe rut that is so easy to fall into, maybe it will encourage you to add some color to your outfits. A scarf with a bit of navy in it or a...
  17. Idledame

    Tailor recommendations in Los Angeles

    I thought I found a good one, but she decided it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to satisfy impossible customers anymore! She now dyes old wedding gowns and makes them into fantasy ball gowns. She sells them as fast as she can make them! I've looked on yelp, but it seems they all have very...
  18. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    I just checked all the group pictures in my 1964 Junior high yearbook and sure enough one girl is wearing saddle shoes. So they were around but not considered stylish. The in style was nylons and flats, or "tennies" (like Keds). There are no saddle shoes in any photos in my 1967 high school...
  19. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    I agree Lady Day! I would love to find modern version of those shoes. I wonder who was wearing or where saddle shoes were being worn in the 1960s? I don't recall seeing any being worn. Have to check my yearbooks.
  20. Idledame

    Cute Vintage-y Shoes

    I was in Junior high 1962-1964 and we wouldn't have been caught dead in Saddle shoes. They were totally out of fashion! At least here in Southern California. We only wore flats.

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