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  1. hutch

    Men rings - How to choose? What do you wear?

    I occasionally wear this ring that was a family estate consignment purchase from a local shop. The original owner (who passed) had it custom made. It is an oval bloodstone with a small center diamond in a 14k yellow gold ring. I get many compliments from women who frequently turn to their...
  2. hutch


    I am thinking about purchasing this estate sale gold ring. It has a smooth 14k gold band (about 15 grams) surrounding an oval bloodstone with a small centered diamond. Based on the shape and style, does anyone have any idea of what era it may have been made? I will most likely buy it so my...
  3. hutch

    Davis Hat Co.

    Thanks for posting the letter head LonnieW. I always wonder if the old buildings still exist and if so, what they look like. Here is what 800 Jackson Street, Dallas, TX looks like today (from Google Maps).
  4. hutch

    Northwest Hats, Eugene, Ore.

    Mike at Northwest Hats has re-size, re-blocked and replaced the ribbons on a few of my hats. I cannot praise Mike's work enough. He kept in constant communication with me during each project, listened to what I wanted done, offered his opinions & suggestions, and did the work exactly how we...
  5. hutch

    Chi Chi Rodriguez Hat

    All I can think of while reading this thread is the WKRP In Cincinnati episode where Les Nessman mispronounced his name as "Chy Chy Rod-ri-gweeze." Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist. Enjoy your hats!
  6. hutch

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today 1?

    Black Stetson with some work done by Northwest Hats. Sized down to 7 1/4 from 7 3/8, reblocked to a teardrop, and ribbon changed to Navy Blue. Sorry, new photo sharing site, link not working properly. Hutch
  7. hutch

    whats everyones opinion on 100%wool fedora's?

    Hi MJS, Great point. It took me about 2 years and about 8-9 hats before I realized my own personal style preference. Owning fur felt hats allowed me to reshape some of them to what I liked. Something that I may not have been able to do had they been wool hats. Hutch
  8. hutch

    whats everyones opinion on 100%wool fedora's?

    I personally don't own any wool hats because I prefer fur felt. I have seen a couple off modern wool fedoras from Goorin Brothers that I liked any may purchase in the future. My thought, however, is that a wool hat you like and frequently wear is better than any fur felt hat that collects...
  9. hutch

    Ask a question, get an answer

    No problem, I guess I was the one who was confused. Happy New Year and cheers! Hutch
  10. hutch

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This could be an option for some pins but I think on one particular pin design these backing a word show. Thanks for the idea RBH. Hutch Sorry if this post was in the wrong place. I did a site search but I didn't find anything specific to my question. Hutch
  11. hutch

    Ask a question, get an answer

    I have a question about turning a lapel pin into a hat pin. Does anyone here know where I can go to have a lapel pin backing turned into an actual hat pin backing? I think I can go to a jeweler to have this done but what exactly do I tell them? Are there any typical " specs" I can give them...
  12. hutch

    The Gangster (Hat) Squad.

    I wonder if or how this movie will influence the fashion industry. It seems to me when the other "Gangster" movies of the late 80's and 90's came out there weren't many people wearing fedora's. I know many of today's fedora hat wearers are into the more modern styles.I am curious to see if the...
  13. hutch

    Newby to Forum. New hat questions

    In addition to the previously mentioned custom hatters check out these two websites: northwest hats.com and falconparkhattery.com. There are many reviews posted here on the FL for both of them. After reviewing these posts call them and speak to them directly. See what they can do for you, what...
  14. hutch

    Falcon Park Hattery

    I have to say those two are my favorite FPH hats bowlerman, especially the uniqueness of the "Laird!" Now if I can only talk my wife into letting me buy another hat. Is it really easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?
  15. hutch

    Stetson 100-From Blah to Bling!

    Fedoralover, I think your re-worked hat looks outstanding! Very nice color combo. I for one believe a fedora, whether new, vintage, or re-worked, is no good unless you wear it.
  16. hutch

    Having hats resized

    Thank you sir!
  17. hutch

    Having hats resized

    Thanks for this info. Do you happen to have a website address or contact phone number? I found a website but I wanted to make sure it is the right shop.
  18. hutch

    How to search the Fedora Lounge

    Thanks for this info. This will help me a great deal! Cheers.
  19. hutch

    Background on Dobbs Universitas

    I just saw another thread on a Dobbs Universitas on eBay and it reignited my curiosity about this model of Dobbs. I purchased one on eBay for my father back in January/February of this year. It was apparently used in a photoshoot and it was cleaned & blocked for the photo session. When I...
  20. hutch

    A Different Sort of Hat Conversion

    Thanks for the post. I brought my family to a Renaissance Faire about 3 weeks ago. It was my first one in years and only my second one as an adult. I noticed all of the inexpensive or downright cheap "Capitano" or "Cavalier" hats topping some very nice period swordsman costumes. I was thinking...

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